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2023 COASTY'S AWARDS (Winners Revealed)

Another year has come to an end. And what a year it's been, right? 2023 was the most successful year in CCW history: 73 shows, 3 different states, hundreds of matches, and thousands of fans. As we close out the year, tonight we take a few minutes to celebrate those who helped this year become the success it was. Whether you're a performer in the ring or a part of our staff, The Last Territory would simply not exist without our team's hard work and passion for CCW. Below is the list of winners of the 2023 COASTY'S AWARDS:

Male Wrestler of The Year: Jackal Stevens

Female Wrestler of The Year: Ruthie Jay

Rookie of The Year: Domino

Tag Team of The Year: The Qrown

The Gary Hart Award: Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso

Feud of The Year: Ricky Martinez v. Alex Chamberlain

Match of The Year: Game of War

Referee of The Year: Amy Veronica

Moment of The Year: The Bus Gets Married In The Ring

Show of The Year: Bash At The Brew

Promo of The Year: Skitz - The Creepy Carnival

Alumni of The Year: Blake Chadwick

Kevin Dunn Award: Brad Owens

Most Improved Award: Ozzy Kilmeister

Leadership Award: Eddie Valentine

Don Draper Award: Eric Christopher

Future of CCW Award: Julio Cesar

Jim Johnston Award: Shane Ortega

Blue Chip Prospect Award: Nicolle Ripoll

Promoting Machine Award: Robert Trybala

Utility Player Award: Chad Huckabee

Boris Malenko Award: Gangrel

Future Leader Award: Rango

Heart Award: Bear

Voice of CCW Award: Johnny Thompson

Hardest Working Award: Invidia


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