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Alive 107: Chamberlain Wins Southeastern Title After Agony Lays Out Jackal

Jackal Stevens and Agony have a ton of history in Coastal Championship Wrestling. They were both under the influence of Dr. Eric Christopher as part of American Horror Story before Jackal broke away from the group and became a fan favorite. The two have had plenty of interactions since that time, but this week on CCW Alive, it was taken to another level as Agony cost Jackal the CCW Southeastern Championship.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 107 and read below for our recap.

Alex Chamberlain def. Jackal Stevens - CCW Southeastern Championship

Jackal Stevens is a three-time CCW Southeastern Champion, entering this match holding the title for 245 days in his most recent reign. That reign would come to a shocking end against Alex Chamberlain, largely thanks to Agony and Dr. Eric Christopher.

Chamberlain has been mostly successful since his return to Coastal Championship Wrestling, with many of his matches being impromptu affairs as part of his "Chamberlain Challenge." He looked to be primed for a championship opportunity and Jackal Stevens is certainly a fighting champion, despite Chamberlain's momentum and status as one of the top challengers to his title of late.

As expected, this was a back-and-forth affair for much of the contest. But the turning point in the match was shocking, to say the least. Stevens looked to have Chamberlain set up for his signature Blockbuster, which generally is the precursor to a Stevens victory. But Chamberlain saw it coming at the last second and pulled referee Amy Veronica into the line of fire.

Stevens connected with the Blockbuster ... but on the referee! Chamberlain rolled out of the ring to regroup. Meanwhile, Stevens was shocked, checking on the offiical and looking to the back to see if another official would be coming. While his back was turned, Jackal's long-time foes Agony and Dr. Eric Christopher came through the crowd and hit the ring.

Agony's surprise attack resulted in a chokeslam and a tombstone piledriver to Stevens. Chamberlain re-entered the ring to find Jackal laid out and prone on the canvas. Chamberlain, sensing the opportunity, called to the back for another official. By this time, referee Adrian Paz rushed to the ring. Chamberlain covered Stevens and Paz counted the 1-2-3.

Chamberlain, with a huge assist from Agony and Dr. Eric Christopher, becomes the new CCW Southeastern Champion, much to the dismay of the jam-packed Unbranded Brewing Company crowd. As the crowd booed and even threw a few items of trash in the ring, Chamberlain addressed the fans.

"You will are all bearing witness to something special tonight," Chamberlain said. "Everyone in pro wrestling has failed to notice, but you do now, that Chamberlain is pro wrestling. I am your champion, whether you like it or not!"

Chamberlain becomes the 21st Coastal Championship Wrestling Southeastern Champion, since the inception of the title in 2006.

Will Jackal get his hands on Agony? How will Chamberlain fare with his first title in CCW and his sixth overall singles championship? Stay tuned to Coastal Championship Wrestling to find out!

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