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Alive 109: Elevated Status Retain Over Morton & Martinez; Lambert Bloodies Fonzie ... Again

Elevated Status face a huge challenge for their CCW Tag Team Championships this week on CCW Alive. That challenge comes in the form of Ricky Martinez teaming with Kerry Morton, who is making his Coastal Championship Wrestling debut. In addition, the ongoing saga between American Top Team’s Dan Lambert and wrestling legend Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso continues.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 109 and read below for our recap.

Elevated Status def. Ricky Martinez & Kerry Morton – CCW Tag Team Championship

Elevated Status defended their titles against wildly popular South Florida star Ricky Martinez and his partner, a legacy in the world of professional wrestling and a budding star in his own right, Kerry Morton. Despite facing a more established team, Martinez and Morton were in control for much of the match.

But that all changed when a kendo stick became involved in the match. The kendo stick in question was brought to the ring by Tracy Nyxx, who accompanied Elevated Status to the ring. At one point in the match, Jonny Nova was so frustrated with how the match was going, he went to the outside and threatened to use the weapon, before being talked out of it by his Elevated Status partner ERA.

If the aforementioned action made anyone think ERA was against the idea of using the kendo stick, that was quickly proven to be false. Martinez and Morton were rolling. With all four men inside the ring, the challengers scored with stereo splashes in opposite corners, which set up a pair of bulldogs to their opponents.

As ERA rolled out of the ring, referee Andy Seeley was making sure Martinez was headed to his corner to re-establish just one man in the ring from either team. While the official’s back was turned, ERA grabbed the kendo stick and blasted Morton in the back of the head. That allowed Nova to roll a dazed Morton up and secure the pinfall.

Fonzie/Lambert Feud Continues

Following a commercial break, CCW Alive returned with Bill Alfonso in the ring. Fonzie was simply trying to bring a little more excitement to the Bash At The Brew audience at Unbranded Brewing Company, creating some goodwill for the company by tossing out a few t-shirts, etc.

But American Top Team’s Dan Lambert continually seems to have issues with Fonzie. On last week’s show, Lambert attacked and bloodied Fonzie. This week, Lambert just had to insert himself in Fonzie’s business yet again.

Lambert’s entrance – accompanied by the 7-foot giant Jack Talos – interrupted Alfonso’s opportunity to address the CCW fanbase. Lambert initially “apologized” to the CCW fans in Hialeah for his earlier comments denigrating the area. Then, he entered the ring and tried to get Alfonso let bygones be bygones and “apologize” to the legendary Manager of Champions.

Similar to last week, Fonzie once again made a mistake. That mistake being the belief that anything Lambert said was genuine. After minutes of Lambert pleading for Fonzie to accept his apology and shake his hand, Lambert quickly showed his true colors.

As Fonzie finally extended his hand, Lambert grabbed it, kicked him with a low blow and busted his head open with the microphone. As Lambert continued to berate Alfonso, a few members of the backstage crew and locker room hit the ring to assist Alfonso. That’s where Talos came into play. He destroyed the two men with a big boot to the face and a chokeslam.

And Lambert celebrated. But that celebration and giddy nature at what he and Talos had done was short-lived. The duo high-tailed it for the back when the Vampire Warrior Gangrel hit the ring to save Alfonso from any more damage.

The feud between Alfonso and Lambert only seems to be escalating. Stay tuned to see where this story goes.

See you next week!

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