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Alive 136: Jackal Defeats S2S; Kilmeister and Taurus Go To War

Episode 136 of CCW Alive featured two of absolute mainstays of Coastal Championship Wrestling as former CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens faced off with former CCW Cruiserweight Champion Alan "S2S" Martinez. In addition, we were treated to an incredibly physical battle between Ozzy Kilmeister and The Authority Eddie Taurus.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 136 and scroll down for our recap.

Jackal Stevens def. Alan "S2S" Martinez

In his usual quirky, lovable fashion, Jackal Stevens was having a bit of fun early on, mugging for the camera. But Martinez quickly brought him back to reality and reminded him he was in for a battle.

Martinez showed Jackal just how dangerous he can be, scoring with an absolutely insane hurricanrana off the top rope. But the maneuver took so much out of both men, Martinez couldn't follow up with a cover.

Martinez has long been at the side of CCW World Heavyweight Champion and Chilean countryman Arial Levy. Lately, the CCW Southeastern Champion Meto has also been part of Levy's entourage. The relationship between Martinez and Meto has been frosty of late. When Meto came out to encourage Martinez late in the match, S2S wanted nothing to do with Meto's pep talk. That was ... well ... not received well by Meto.

Moments after what ended up just being a distraction from Meto, Jackal landed his patented Blockbuster on Martinez to take the victory.

Following this matchup, Martinez uncharacteristically accepted the offer of a handshake from Stevens. Could Martinez be turning over a new leaf? Stay tuned to CCW Alive to find out.

Eddie Taurus def. Ozzy Kilmeister

In a battle of two of CCW's heaviest hitters, Ozzy Kilmeister looked for the victory against the veteran Eddie Taurus. Kilmeister might have been able to score the pinfall after this facebuster if he had enough left in the tank to cover The Authority.

In the end, Taurus forced Kilmeister to "respect his Authority" with this sitout powerbomb to secure the victory.

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