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Alive 141: Moose Surprises Chamberlain, Who Quickly Pivots to a "Fenrir Challenge"

You just never know who is going to show in Coastal Championship Wrestling. This week's episode of CCW Alive is proof of that ... as IMPACT Wrestling star Moose returned to CCW.

The Paragon Alex Chamberlain has frequently touted his ability to beat anyone in the back with his "Chamberlain Challenge." But Chamberlain must not have been aware of everyone who was in attendance in the locker room on this night, as Moose answered the challenge.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 141 and scroll down for our recap.

Moose def. Damian Fenrir

Chamberlain and Fenrir have been aligned for a while now in CCW, so it was no surprise to see Fenrir accompany him to the ring for another Chamberlain Challenge. But when the challenge was issued and Moose's music hit, Chamberlain changed his tune a bit.

Chamberlain grabbed the mic and immediately said that the match was going to be a "Fenrir Challenge" as he seemingly wanted nothing to do with Moose.

Moose, of course, was more than happy to take on Fenrir. But he made his feelings toward Fenrir (and Chamberlain known) with some sign language.

With Chamberlain distracting referee Bruce Owens, Fenrir blasted Moose in the head with a steel chair, looking to steal a victory from the IMPACT star. But Moose managed to kick out at the last second. That chair, however, would continue to play a role in the match.

When Fenrir inadvertently took out Owens, Moose hit his signature spear. But with no official to count the pin, Fenrir got second life.

At that point, Fenrir and Chamberlain decided they would channel their inner Eddie Guerrero with some chicanery with the chair. Fenrir whacked the chair on the mat, tossed it to Moose and fell down, hoping for an Owens disqualification. But the official missed it all, so Moose just went ahead and used the chair anyway, scoring the victory.

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