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Alive 65: Ricky Marvin Victorious; Cha Cha Tops Latimer by DQ

This week on CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 65, we have a pair big matches on tap emanating from Nashville. Mexican veteran and international legend Ricky Marvin survived a hell of an effort from up-and-coming Steve Beck, while NWA superstar Thomas Latimer squared off with Cha Cha Charlie in an event that was held just days before Charlie won the CCW World Heavyweight Championship. Charlie had his hand raised, but likely not in the fashion he would have preferred.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 65 and read our recap below!

Ricky Marvin def. Steve Beck

In an incredible battle, Ricky Marvin got everything he wanted from Steve Beck. One half of the Florida Men tag team, the Florida Boy Steve Beck, had one of the most impressive singles outings of his career. Marvin even had to resort to some less-than-legal tactics to pick up the victory.

This one went back and forth, as Martin focused on Beck’s legs early, trying to ground the high-flyer. Beck would respond, however and scored with numerous combinations and suplexes. Beck went for a superkick late in the match, but Marvin pulled the referee in front and the official took it on the kisser.

Beck seemed to have Marvin pinned with a big suplex just after that, but the referee was still down on the mat. As the official came to, Marvin once again used him to his advantage. Beck went for another suplex, but Marvin held on to the official to block the move. Then, with the referee’s back turned, Marvin kicked Beck low, followed with a DDT and then a rollup to secure the victory.

Marvin, now 3-0 in a CCW ring, is the No. 3-ranked wrestler in the latest rankings for the CCW Heavyweight Championship. He will return to CCW on March 5 at Bash at the Brew 14 in Hialeah, Fla. Tickets are on sale now here: TICKETS FOR BASH 14

Cha Cha Charlie def. Thomas Latimer by DQ

Cha Cha Charlie doesn’t back down from a fight. Just days prior to his battle with El Jefe Santos, where he won the CCW World Heavyweight Championship, he took on one of the biggest and baddest in professional wrestling. NWA star Thomas Latimer returned to Nashville and CCW looking to knock Charlie off his perch as the No. 1 contender in CCW.

But Latimer was frustrated by Cha Cha – and apparently by referee Bruce Owens, more on that later.

Early in the match, Charlie frustrated Latimer with his quickness and his carefree style, dancing in the ring and overall fun-loving attitude. Early on, Latimer even took Charlie’s signature hat and tried to destroy it with an elbow drop. Charlie was having none of it.

Later in the match, Latimer nailed a massive spear reminiscent of his fiancée, the NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille. But it didn’t lead to the pinfall, like Kamille’s spears often do. Charlie survived the massive impact and fought on.

Later, Latimer hit a Michinoku Driver on Cha Cha, who kicked out at one. Latimer seemed particularly upset with the speed of the count by Owens. Moments later, as Charlie seemed to have the upper hand and was moving in on Latimer in the corner, the frustration of the big Englishman seemed to get the better of him. A reverse kick to the nether regions on Owens sent the referee crashing to the mat as he called for the bell and awarded a disqualification victory to Cha Cha Charlie.

Latimer has apparently asked for CCW officials to reverse the decision. We’re not sure on what grounds, as it was obvious he kicked the official. Needless to say, the CCW office quickly dismissed the appeal and Charlie went on to Bash at the Brew as the No. 1 contender and eventually defeated El Jefe Santos for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship.

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