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Alive 69: Levy Victorious; QT Marshall & Jackal Stevens Battle for Southeastern Championship

We bring you this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling from Nashville and a pair of matches from the Industrial Evolution show from Dec. 12 at Helios Granite. One half of the CCW Tag Team Champions Ariel Levy faced off with Justin Dynamite, who was making his CCW debut. In our featured bout, CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens faced off with AEW star QT Marshall.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 69 and read our recap below!

Ariel Levy def. Justin Dynamite

Ariel Levy, one half of the South American Alliance with Vinicious, was in singles action against the debuting Justin Dynamite, who is a 15-year veteran at the age of 27. While Dynamite was looking to make a name for himself in Coastal Championship Wrestling, the Chilean heartthrob Levy was up to the task, picking up the victory.

Dynamite had his moments through the early going in this contest. He nearly picked up the victory with an incredible maneuver, hitting a Pele kick-like maneuver after bouncing off the ropes, but Levy narrowly escaped the three-count.

Eventually, Levy was able to gain control. The CCW Tag Team Champion scored with a codebreaker and followed it up with a nasty blue thunder bomb to take the victory. Levy and Vinicious – the South American Alliance – continue to defend the CCW Tag Team Championships all over the territory. Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most popular tag teams in the country at a show near you!

QT Marshall vs. Jackal Stevens - No Contest - CCW Southeastern Championship

Jackal Stevens defended his CCW Southeastern Championship against AEW star QT Marshall, who was led to the ring by Lew Spectre. And the leader of the Resident Scumbags Spectre played a big role in this one.

Early on, it was a very even matchup as Stevens and Marshall went back and forth. Both men threw every bit of offense they could at the other. Stevens nearly picked up the victory with his signature blockbuster. Marshall scored numerous pinfalls, as well. But neither man could get the upper hand.

Finally, Spectre lived up the moniker of his faction. Spectre, sensing that Marshall was in trouble, distracted the official after Jackal hit an Olympic Slam. While Stevens was covering Marshall for what was clearly more than a three-count, Spectre was distracting the official.

Marshall took advantage with a low blow and a nasty facebuster. As the official finally got Spectre off the ring apron, he turned around and counted the pinfall for Marshall, who was introduced as the new CCW Southeastern Champion.

But another CCW referee had been observing the match from the back and came out to confer with his colleague. After convincing the official in charge that Marshall won thanks to an illegal low blow, the match was restarted.

Shortly after the restart, Spectre got involved again. But this time it cost his man. Spectre once again distracted the official and passed the title belt to Marshall. Before Marshall could use it as a weapon, Stevens was able to get the belt away from the AEW star. Jackal then blasted Marshall with the belt while the official was still dealing with Spectre. As the referee’s hand was coming down for the three count and a Stevens victory, Spectre scrambled into the ring and started punching Jackal. The official had no choice but to rule a no contest.

A clearly disdainful Marshall took out his frustration on Stevens until the South American Alliance made the save. Levy hit a meteora on Marshall, followed by a big Brazilian splash in the corner from Vinicious. Stevens got in on the action, landing a nasty superkick that sent Marshall tumbling out of the ring into the waiting arms of Spectre before the duo high-tailed it to the locker room.

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