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Alive 75: Davey Richards Victorious; SAA and American Top Team Do Battle

An incredible technical match between The American Wolf Davey Richards and “Florida Man” T.C. Read, as well as the continued rivalry between the CCW Tag Team Champions, the South Americian Alliance, and American Top Team’s Josh Hartnett, Blake Bowman and their giant enforcer Jack Talos highlight this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling..

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 75 and read our recap below!

American Wolf Davey Richards def. Florida Man T.C. Read

One of the best technical wrestlers in the world faced off with one of the best technical wrestlers CCW has to offer in first bout on this episode of CCW Alive Wrestling. The American Wolf Davey Richards put on a clinic early, survived an onslaught of offense from the Florida Man and eventually secured the pinfall victory over T.C. Read.

Richards and Read grappled a great deal early in the match, with Richards holding the advantage throughout the opening minutes of the contest. Richards worked an arm, worked Read’s legs and even worked in some serious joint manipulation.

As we came out of our first commercial break of the show, the match had gone outside the ring onto the floor. For a brief portion of the match, Richards went to a little less technical style. He threw Read into the guard rails and landed a pair of vicious kicks to the chest. But the resilient Read continued to press on and Richards pushed the action back into the ring.

Richards locked in a calf crusher maneuver once back in the ring, but “The Florida Man” finally found the ropes with his left hand to break the painful hold.

Richards landed a nasty flying forearm in the corner, but when he came off the opposite ropes looking for a clothesline, the lanky Read saw an opening. Read ducked the clothesline and came off the ropes with a beautiful cross body, scoring a near fall.

Another flying forearm attempt was met with Read’s boot to Richards’ face. The Florida Man then nailed a missile dropkick off the second rope and followed up with a double-underhook sitout powerbomb. That maneuver nearly created the upset victory for Read.

The official’s hand was just inches from the mat when Richards managed to kick out.

But that was the last significant offense of the night for Read. Richards reversed a bodyslam attempt and nearly kicked Read’s head off with a vicious kick to the head. Somehow, Read survived the ensuing ankle lock. But another nasty kick, a brainbuster and a version of a cradle piledriver. Richards improved to 4-1 in Coastal Championship Wrestling action.

South American Alliance def. American Top Team by Disqualification – CCW Tag Team Championship

For months, American Top Team’s Blake Bowman and Josh Hartnett have been chasing the CCW Tag Team Championships held by the South American Alliance – Ariel Levy and Vinicious. In this tag title match, Bowman and Hartnett brought some big-time backup.

The 7-foot behemoth Jack Talos has aligned himself with Bowman and Hartnett and made his presence felt in this one.

Early on in this matchup, the South American Alliance had the upper hand, thanks to some solid tag team wrestling from the champions. A hip toss, knee-drop combination from Levy set Hartnett up for a massive senton from the Brazilian Destroyer Vinicious. The South American Alliance big man then hit a massive stalling suplex, but yet the champions didn’t go for the cover on an obviously beleaguered Hartnett.

As we moved forward in the match, Levy found himself in the wrong part of town. He was double-teamed in the corner by Bowman and Hartnett. When Vinicious tried to come to his aid, it was Talos who got involved, choking Levy on the ropes from the ringside area. Moments later, it looked as though American Top Team had Levy in a bad way and were setting him up for a double-team maneuver. But wily manager Bill Alfonso distracted Bowman and gave Levy the chance to escape.

Levy was able to tag in a fresh Vinicious who cleaned house on Hartnett and Bowman with a flying double ax handle and a high-impact urinagi. That allowed them to set up for the spike piledriver with Levy coming off the top. The maneuver was successful and Hartnett’s head was driven into the mat. As Vinicious went for the cover, Talos inserted himself in the match once again. A big boot from the 7-footer on Levy forced senior official Bruce Owens to call for the bell and disqualify American Top Team.

But the action wasn’t over. The two behemoths Vinicious and Talos went after one another, before every CCW referee in the building hit the ring to try to keep two of the largest men in CCW apart. There was plenty of jawing an animosity between the two groups. A six-man tag team match featuring the South American Alliance and Alfonso vs. American Top Team and Talos was quickly booked.

Keep your eyes on CCW Alive Wrestling and the Coastal Championship Wrestling YouTube page for this mammoth clash, coming soon!

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