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CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 1.17 “Pharaoh Johnson Vs. Jackal Stevens for Southeastern Title”

It's the hottest wrestling promotion.. even during the winter! CCW Alive is back again with another week of action fit to melt the snow! In addition to a contest featuring Prince Sunra, the CCW Southeastern Championship is ON THE LINE!! Jackal Stevens vs Pharaoh Johnson is TONIGHT!

Prince Sunra is a staple of the scene in CCW. Aggravating crowds across the state of Florida with his rhetoric, Sunra has power in his fists to back up those words. This week the Prince comes up against Charismatic Chris. The highly-rated high flyer will bring pace and speed that Sunra will need to contend with. Prince Sunra has been looking to make an impact since he challenged Cha Cha Charlie during episode 1.6. Tonight we'll see if he can take those first steps on the road to CCW royalty!

If you ever attended a Coastal Championship Wrestling live event, you would probably notice how much the CCW fans enjoy interacting with Jackal Stevens. A bit unorthodoxed, one can find Jackal often wandering the venues before and after events, interacting with fans in some of the strangest ways you can imagine. Different voices, winks, trips, and tricks, its no wonder his personality is so endearing to crowds that go on to chant "he's so hot".

Pharaoh Johnson on the other hand is a bit of a different, and complicated, situation. Tonight's challenger for the CCW Southeastern Championship is very polarizing to say the least. For a good portion of the population, the anger Pharaoh feels about the state of our society is absolutely just. It's just the way he spreads his message that can rub some of the CCW fans the wrong way. Brash, bold, Black, and proud, Pharaoh has his sights on regaining the Southeastern crown that he once wore. Regardless of your personal perspective on civil rights, noone can dispute how much of a threat Pharaoh Johnson is to Jackal Steven's CCW Southeastern Championship!

After a crazy 2020 we don't know what's in store for this year! One thing you can count on though, is for CCW Alive to BRING THE ACTION! Every Tuesday at 7pm on YouTube!

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Jodi Cinto
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