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CCW Alive Wrestling: Episode 1.3 “Training Day”

Our new flagship show "Alive Wrestling" takes viewers all around the globe, into the mayhem of CCW!

Featuring Dan Evans, and "The Genius Lanny Poffo" on commentary.

“At Luchamania 2020, Bill Alfonso and his Brazilian Giant powerbombed Bruce Leroy through a table onto concrete. LeRoy was injured, but he’s back, and he’s getting his opportunity to conquer the undefeated Vinicious.

Two of CCW’s strongest competitors team up, as the Blue Chip Bus Company take on Vic Arson and The Jersey Devil.

And in our huge MAIN EVENT

The Neckbreak Kid Alex Ocean makes his Alive Wrestling debut in an After Dark Deathmatch against three-hundred pound Sgt. Marco Malone in what will be one of the brutalist matches in CCW history!”

Be a part of something great on the ground floor. Welcome to CCW!


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