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CCW Alive Wrestling: Episode 23 “Homecoming 3”

After this weekend's "Enter The Machine" which melted the ice in freezing Nashville, CCW Alive is here to "Enter The Action"! This week, the CCW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line! Reigning Champion "El Jefe" Santos is in a triple threat match going up against two of the nations best high flyers in "The Chosen One" Sebastian Cage and the "King Of Flight" Will Austin! In addition, you'll see Hector Perfecto taking on the recent AEW "Dark" debutant Jake St Patrick as well as a strong style slugest between Romeo Quevedo and Salazar "The Executioner"! All this and more, you know the score! It's CCW "Alive"!

Jake St Patrick has definitely been making waves the last couple of weeks. The CCW veteran is a household name on the Florida independent scene and it's only natural that he was recently contacted to go to Jacksonville for AEW "Dark"! Coming up against some of the top competitors in the world, Jake was able to hold his own! This week he's going one on one with Hector Perfecto. The upstart Puerto Rican is usually quite consumed with his image, but sources say he's been "imagining" a victory tonight! As St Patrick continues his steady climb through the business, we'll see tonight if he's destined for new heights or if Hector Perfecto uses his mirror to break St Patricks dreams!

Speaking of breaks, or more particularly bruises, anyone who has seen Romeo Quevedo in the ring knows that he brings the pain. With this in mind, when the match listing came out for this evening's "Alive" featuring Romeo vs Salazar "The Executioner", we knew it was time to get ready to rumble! These two are some of the stiffest, most hard hitting men to ever step foot in a CCW ring! If you want to see two brawlers go toe to toe, look no further! Tonight's "Alive" promises to be a slugfest.

In the main event of tonight's show, reigning champion "El Jefe" Santos has to deal with the fallout between Will Austin and Sebastian Cage! At night #1 of CCW Homecoming, Cage and Austin found a mutual respect for one another. This doesn't necessarily go in Santos' favor! The champion has handled plenty of challenges in the past, but coming up against two high flyers that are on the same page might be too much to ask! Can the "King Of Flight" and "The Chosen One" stay on the same page long enough to take the title off of "El Jefe"? Or will the Champ be able to get out of this one "Alive"?

Find out tonight on an all new episode! Same time, place, and YouTube channel! CCW takes pride in bringing you the best action on the Florida independent wrestling scene. Catch it at 7pm tonight on Coastal Championship Wrestling's official page!


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