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Jackal Stevens Returns, Will Face Ariel Levy for CCW World Title at Bash At The Brew 31

HIALEAH, Fla. (CCW) -- Jackal Stevens hasn't been seen in a Coastal Championship Wrestling ring in nearly two months, dealing with an injury. But he returned to CCW in a big way Saturday night at Bash At The Brew 30.

Jackal Stevens informs Ariel Levy of his challenge for the CCW World Championship at Bash 31.

Through CCW's partnership with Unbranded Brewing Company, home of Bash At The Brew, Ariel Levy was celebrating the debut of his "Beer That You Deserve" Saturday night. As Levy ran down a list of all the challengers he has dispatched, suddenly Jackal's music hit and everyone in the brewery could see the shock on the champion's face.

But Levy quickly regained his composure and "toasted" Jackal with his new beer, spilling it all over the former Southeastern Champion.

Finally, Jackal had enough. He toasted Levy with his own beer ... right upside his head.

After taking out Levy's Agents of Chaos partner Meto and tossing a number of beers into the crowd, Jackal returned his attention back to the champion.

Jackal powerbombed Levy through the table in the ring that was displaying the champion's beer and then announced that he had been granted a title shot at Bash At The Brew 31!

Click here to get your tickets NOW to see this huge matchup of two of CCW's biggest stars! Bash At The Brew 31 takes place Saturday, August 5 at the Unbranded Brewing Company in Hialeah, Fla.


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