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We go back to Bash at the Brew 16 for this week's episode of CCW Alive and it may be the most shocking episode ever in the nearly two-year run of our flagship production.

Elevated Status shockingly defeated the South American Alliance for the Coastal Championship Wrestling Tag Team titles. While that was huge news. Even bigger news was the stunning turn of events by Ariel Levy, leading to the disintegration of the SAA after holding the belts for longer than any team in the company's history.

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CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King is certainly a fighting champion. One of her stiffest challenges to date was brought by the returning Brazilian Wonder Woman Christi Jaynes.

Jaynes wasted no time challenging The Mother Effin’ King. She interrupted a promo King was shooting with CCW immediately following her brutal cage match with Marina Tucker and made her intentions clear. That match is featured on this week’s episode. 


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