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Alive 101: Levy Shocks CCW, Takes World Heavyweight Championship from Cha Cha

It’s the big one. It’s been months in the making. We go back to last month at Bash At The Brew in Hialeah, Fla. for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship match between Cha Cha Charlie and the No. 1 contender Ariel Levy. It was ripe with controversy, but Coastal Championship Wrestling now has the “champion you deserve,” at least according to Levy.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 101 and read below for our recap.

Ariel Levy def. Cha Cha Charlie - CCW World Heavyweight Championship

We open this week’s show with a video from Ariel Levy in the weeks leading up to the championship bout.

“You’re not suited to be the face of this new CCW,” Levy said. “You say that you don’t need the World Heavyweight Championship, that I need it more than you. Well, then I’m going to make you a favor. I’m going to take it away from you, so you can go back where you belong. To the midcard, doing your stupid dancing gimmick and wearing your dumb-ass hat.”

Unfortunately, for Cha Cha Charlie, Levy’s words were somewhat prophetic. While we doubt Cha Cha will be relegated to the midcard, Levy did make good on his promise to take (steal?) the CCW World Heavyweight Championshp.

The match was a back-and-forth affair, an all-out war. In the end, it was a foreign object that proved to be the difference.

Following nearly 20 minutes of incredible action and brutal sequences inside and out of the ring where both men looked to have the match won, Levy had a plan all along.

Cha Cha went for his signature Mangu Splash, but Levy rolled out of the way and followed up with a Codebreaker that resulted in a two-count. When a clearly frustrated Levy couldn’t win the match after numerous near falls throughout the match, he took a shortcut. But it was a shortcut that worked.

With Cha Cha recovering from the Codebreaker on the mat, Levy went to remove the top turnbuckle pad. But it soon became apparent he wasn’t intent on using the exposed steel under the turnbuckle. It was all a distraction.

With referee Adrian Paz trying to fix the turnbuckle, Levy went into his tights for a pair of brass knuckles.

But it almost didn’t work … twice. Charlie recovered and rolled up a surprised Levy for what was clearly long enough for a three-count, but Paz was still dealing with the turnbuckle pad. When the official finally realized Levy’s shoulders were on the mat, he began the count, but Levy kicked out. Moments later, he attempted a wild swing with the foreign object, but Cha Cha ducked and went for a belly-to-back suplex.

During the suplex attempt, Paz had to duck out of the way of Levy’s boots and missed it as Levy smoked Cha Cha Charlie in the skull with the brass knuckles. As the referee turned back around, Levy was pinning Cha Cha, who was clearly dazed from the punch with the foreign object. Paz counted … 1-2-3 … and a new CCW World Heavyweight Champion was crowned.

Following the match, despite having all forms of trash thrown at him by the crowd, Levy continued to berate his former manager Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso, who was on commentary for the match.

“Look at me now, you 1990's nostalgia act,” Levy screamed into the microphone at Unbranded Brewing Company. “Look at what I did without you and you don’t have your stupid Brazilian moron to help you.”

Levy was clearly referring to his former tag team partner Vinicious, who is still out with injuries sustained at the hands of Levy following their shocking loss to Elevated Status for the CCW Tag Team Championship months ago.

We’ll see what the response from Fonzie is over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Vinicious has still yet to make an appearance in CCW as he continues to recover.

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