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Alive 102: Cage Over Cartwheel

We head to Nashville this week for a matchup of international superstars from CCW Summer Glory. Brian Cage remained undefeated in Coastal Championship Wrestling against Jack Cartwheel. But it wasn’t easy for the Swolverine. Cartwheel gave a game effort and displayed a plethora of his signature innovative offense. In the end, the power and strength of Cage was just too much.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 102 and read below for our recap.

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Brian cage ran his Coastal Championship Wrestling record to 7-0 with a hard-fought victory over Jack Cartwheel.

Throughout much of the early going, it looked as though Cage would thoroughly dominate Cartwheel with his power. A huge shoulder tackle and a release German suplex that sent Cartwheel halfway across the ring left Cage firmly in control in the opening minutes of the bout.

Cage even showed off the guns as we headed to our first commercial break, using Cartwheel to get some extra arm day work in, curling him numerous times before unceremoniously tossing him backward over his head.

As we came back from the break, special guest commentator Kevin Sullivan even mentioned he felt referee Andy Seeley should stop the match after Cage beal-tossed Cartwheel all the way across the ring. But Cartwheel wouldn’t quit.

When Cage went for another huge beal, Jack cartwheeled out of it, used his agility to dodge a number of Cage strikes and scored with some incredible offense.

Cage remained on the offensive for much of the match and the story of this one was Cartwheel’s incredible intestinal fortitude. Cage seemed to have the match won on numerous occasions, only to see Cartwheel get a shoulder up at the last possible moment.

Cartwheel’s best chance for victory was a nice combination of offense. He showed his own strength and power by hoisting Cage on his back and hitting a rolling Death Valley Driver. He followed up with a kick to the face and a standing moonsault that drew a very near fall, eliciting gasps from the Nashville crowd who thought they might be witnessing a major upset.

But as quickly as that thought went through their minds, Cage ended it. Cartwheel went to the top turnbuckle, looking for a twisting shooting star press. But Cage moved and Cartwheel landed with a thud on the mat. Cage followed with a discus lariat that nearly took Cartwheel out of his boots. That set up the Drill Claw, allowing Cage to score the pinfall and have his hand raised in victory.

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