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Alive 103: King Tops Nyxx, Confronted by Elaban; Tag Team Turmoil

Back to Bash At The Brew 18 in July for a pair of championship matches on CCW Alive this week. KiLynn King defends her Coastal Championship Wrestling Women’s Championship against Tracy Nyxx and gets an unexpected visit from Jessie Elaban. Meanwhile, Elevated Status (Jonny Nova and ERA) and the team of Lakay and Meto really don’t seem to care for each other. Elevated Status puts the CCW Tag Team Championships on the line against their young rivals.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 103 and read below for our recap.

KiLynn King def. Tracy Nyxx – CCW Women’s Championship

The Mother Effin’ King defended her title against “The Divine Seductress” Tracy Nyxx, a relative newcomer in the Coastal Championship Women’s Division.

Nyxx had the early advantage with a side headlock and a takeover. Nyxx later followed with a hip attack and a number of elbows in the corner, but King showed her power as Nyxx attempted a bulldog, shoving Nyxx off her as the challenger landed awkwardly in the center of the ring.

King later showed her dominance with a number of clubbing blows after she draped Nyxx over the top turnbuckle. She also scored with a draping neckbreaker, bringing Nyxx back into the ring the hard way.

Nyxx had one real opportunity when she reversed the Excalibuster into a backstabber for a two-count. But moments later, King took control. After a pair of vicious chops and a kick that nearly put Nyxx out on her feet, King planted her challenger with the Excalibuster for the three-count.

Jessie Elaban Confronts King As we come back from the commercial break, King is still in the ring celebrating her victory, when Jessie Elaban appears with a microphone.

Wearing a CCW T-shirt, Elaban told King “I’m wearing CCW because I’m going to represent it better than you ever could.” Once inside the ring, King had some words of her own for Elaban, calling her a pendaja, which elicited numerous chants of “Pendeja! Pendeja!” from the Unbranded Brewing Company crowd.

“You want to say that Jess is More?” King asked. “Well, more will never be enough to beat the Mother Effin’ King! You want a match tonight? Let’s go!”

Elaban seemed to accept, but then decided she wanted both women to be fresh and at their best. As it looked like Elaban would exit the ring and await her shot at King, she tried to attack. But King ducked a wild clothesline attempt and attempted to bodyslam Elaban, who slipped away. As she was leaving, Elaban picked up King’s belt and taunted the champion with it, causing an enraged King to go after Elaban.

It took three referees to keep King away from Elaban. It looks like the King-Elaban feud could continue throughout the rest of the summer. Stay tuned ...

Elevated Status vs. Lakay & Meto – Double Disqualification – CCW Tag Team Championships

We joined another title match from Bash At The Brew 18 in progress as a couple of CCW’s young lions Lakay and Meto teamed up to face Elevated Status for the CCW Tag Team Championships. The power of Lakay was on display right away, as he planted Jonny Nova with a modified double underhook suplex that planted Nova’s face in the mat.

These two teams really dislike each other and it was all referee Andy Seeley could do to try to maintain order.

The strength and power of “The Bulgarian Punisher” Meto was on full display as well, as he leveled Nova with a huge leaping clothesline and a bodyslam of the other half of the champions, ERA.

As we returned from our final commercial break of the show, Nova and ERA were double-teaming Meto, showing brilliant tag team work.

Meto made an all-important tag to Lakay after being the subject of an onslaught from the champions. Lakay began to clean house on Nova and ERA. Lakay cleared Nova from the ring momentarily and planted ERA with a slingshot suplex. As he covered, Nova ran in to break up the count and save the titles.

At that point, it completely broke down. Meto re-entered the fray. With Lakay and ERA the legal men in the match, Meto and Nova squared off in one corner. Meanwhile, Lakay and ERA were battling in the opposite corner. The official warned both teams and began his count. When he reached five and it became apparent neither team was interested in a true tag team contest and were more interested in simply brawling, Seeley called for the bell and ruled the bout a double disqualification.

The teams continued brawling, with ERA hitting a low blow on Meto after Lakay had been tossed from the ring. But Lakay came back into the fray, wildly swinging his trademark shovel, which sent the champions scurrying from the ring. The crowd was unhappy with the referee’s decision, as were Meto and Lakay who menaced him as the crowd chanted for them to hit him. Fortunately, Seeley’s fellow referee Adrian Paz pulled him out of the ring by his feet, just as Lakay went to blast him with the shovel.

We’ve also likely not seen the end of Lakay and Meto chasing Elevated Status and the tag titles.

See you next week!

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