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Alive 104: Stevens Survives Marshall, Read To Retain Southeastern Championship

Back to Bash At The Brew 18 from July again this week for a Coastal Championship Wrestling Southeastern Championship match. Then-champion Jackal Stevens was set to defend against friend and sometimes-tag partner “Florida Man” TC Read. But QT Marshall played politics and persuaded the CCW Executive Committee to put him into the match as well, after a controversial decision in a Southeastern Championship match vs. Stevens in Nashville months prior.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 104 and read below for our recap.

Jackal Stevens def. TC Read & QT Marshall – Triple Threat - CCW Southeastern Championship

QT Marshall is apparently adept at backstage politics, getting himself inserted into a match that was supposed to be a one-on-one encounter with Jackal Stevens defending the CCW Southeatern Championship against “Florida Man” TC Read.

By virtue of the CCW Executive Committee making the match a triple threat, it also meant there were no disqualifications. That ended up biting Marshall in the behind at the end of the match.

Stevens and Read, who have tagged together on occasion and appear to be friendly, were supposed to have a match based on their mutual respect. Instead, Marshall was put into the contest and it gave Stevens and Read an advantage in the early going, as the duo teamed up to work over Marshall.

But when Marshall was tossed out of the ring, Read made it clear to Stevens he wanted the title. The two put on a technical wrestling display for a few minutes, with neither able to secure the pinfall, before Marshall came back into the picture.

When he did, it was originally against Read as Marshall had momentarily taken Stevens out of action by throwing him into the steel ring steps. Marshall looked to take advantage of his size and power advantage, but it was his agility that almost secured the Southeastern strap. A handspring off the ropes into an enziguri put Read on dream street but Read rolled to the outside as Stevens was pulling himself back into the ring.

Stevens scored with some offense before Marshall found an opening and tossed him from the ring. While they weren’t working in tandem, Read and Stevens kept the pressure on Marshall. Just as the AEW star tossed Stevens from the ring, he turned around in a flying cross bodyblock and huge back body drop from Read that resulted in a near fall.

As we returned from commercial break, all three men were back in the ring and Stevens was cleaning house. The champ scored with a buckle bomb on Read and a belly-to-belly throw on Marshall. But he then ate an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle from Read and all three men were down.

As Stevens hit a Samoan drop on Read, Marshall saw an opening, tossing Stevens from the ring and covering Read. But the Florida Man kicked out. Marshall then called for the Diamond Cutter, but Read countered and pushed Marshall into the ropes. There, Jackal Stevens executed a sunset flip on Read, who was still holding on to Marshall, meaning Marshall was the recipient of a German suplex thanks to the momentum of Stevens.

Moments later, Marshall crotched Stevens on the top turnbuckle and went for the finish on Read. Frustrated that he couldn’t pin Read, Marshall asked manager Lew Spectre for a steel chair. But he never got to use it. Read superkicked the chair into Marshall’s face, sending him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Stevens was still on the top turnbuckle. As Read turned around, Stevens had recovered enough to hit a massive Blockbuster on Read and scored the pinfall victory.

See you next week!

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