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Alive 105: Levy Retains Over Cha Cha In Bloody Street Fight, Marred by AJ Francis' Interference

In one of the most violent, crazy matches in Coastal Championship Wrestling history, Ariel Levy puts his CCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Cha Cha Charlie in a Hialeah Street Fight. This match took place at Bash At The Brew in August and included a shocking appearance from AJ Francis (aka WWE’s Top Dolla).

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 105 and read below for our recap.

Ariel Levy def. Cha Cha Charlie – Hialeah Street Fight - CCW World Heavyweight Championship

Ariel Levy won the Coastal Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship in controversial fashion a few months back and since then, Cha Cha Charlie has been dogging “The Champion That You Deserve” looking to regain his title.

The two squared off in a Hialeah Street Fight on this week’s episode of CCW Alive and it lived up to the billing.

Cha Cha couldn’t even wait for the bell to ring before attacking the champion. Charlie held the early advantage, but with this much animosity, the ring couldn’t hold these two men. Levy and Cha Cha battled into the Unbranded Brewing Company crowd just minutes into the match.

That’s where it got interesting. Cha Cha had rocked the champion, landing an elbow drop off a chair onto the concrete floor at Unbranded Brewing. It just so happened that AJ Francis was at the show and that elbow drop was at the feet of Francis. As Cha Cha rained down fists on Levy, the champion ducked one of his punches and Cha Cha inadvertently knocked a beer from Francis’ hands. It seemed harmless until later in the match.

The brawl outside the ring was so intense, both men returned to the ring bloodied. Cha Cha had a humongous gash and a quickly-growing knot on the side of his head.

With Cha Cha dazed, but continuing to fight and refusing to be pinned, Levy broke out the brass knuckles he used to defeat Charlie for the title. Although in a street fight, that was all legal. Cha Cha saw it coming and avoided the brass knucks, scoring a backstabber. That led to Cha Cha blasting Levy with the brass knuckles himself, rocking the champion with a suplex and then climbing to the top. He donned his trademark hat and landed the Mangu Splash. We’re going to have a new champion …. But NO!

Alan “S2S” Martinez, Levy’s Chilean countryman and right-hand man, hit the ring and broke up the pinfall. So, the match continued. Levy and Martinez double-teamed Charlie and there was nothing senior official Bruce Owens could do about it. Levy instructed Martinez to get a table, but he found a door. That door was brought into the ring with bad intentions for Cha Cha.

But Charlie was able to fend off the attack. A back bodydrop to Levy left Cha Cha to focus his attention on Martinez. Cha Cha took showed Martinez the door, literally, tossing him through it with a spinebuster, meaning the match would go back to one-on-one combat between champion and challenger.

Cha Cha brought another door into the ring and looked to put Levy through it. A low blow from Levy stalled Cha Cha’s momentum. From there, Levy blasted Charlie in the back with a steel chair and laid the chair across his prone body. Levy was going for Cha Cha’s own Mangu Splash (hat and all) onto the chair and Cha Cha. But Charlie saw it coming and threw the chair into a flying Levy, giving him an opening.

Charlie went outside the ring and brought in a ladder. It looked as though Cha Cha was going to go the Mangu Splash off the ladder. But that’s where Francis comes back into play.

He apparently wasn’t happy about Cha Cha spilling his beer and saw an opening to get some revenge. Francis entered the ring as Cha Cha was atop the ladder and the two exchanged words. When Francis went to pull him off the ladder, Charlie threw himself off the ladder toward the behemoth Francis. But the big man caught him in mid-air and powerbombed him through the door that Cha Cha had brought into the ring.

That allowed Levy to crawl over and make the cover for the pinfall victory and retain his title.

While Levy and Martinez celebrated on the way backstage, Francis continued to berate a fallen Cha Cha Charlie. He even picked up the fallen Cha Cha and chokeslammed him right next to a pool of Charlie’s own blood that had been spilled earlier in the evening.

It was an incredible match with an unfortunate ending for Cha Cha Charlie, who may not have an opportunity at vengeance, since Top Dolla is now back in WWE.

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