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Alive 106: King-Elaban Feud Continues; Gangrel Victorious Over Fenrir

Coastal Championship Wrestling Women's Champion KiLynn King has had a target on her back since winning the title from Marina Tucker back in January. Throughout the summer and into the fall, Jessie Elaban has been hot on King's heels and doing her best to annoy the Mother Effin' King. Their feud continued on this week's episode. Gangrel also made his return to CCW Alive this week, facing up-and-comer Damian Fenrir.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 106 and read below for our recap.

KiLynn King vs. Jessie Elaban (Double Countout) - CCW Women's Championship

Elaban posted a photo of herself on social media with the CCW Women's Championship belt wrapped around her waist after stealing the belt from King's bag at the CCW Training Facility, while the champ was in another room.

Elaban took the mind games a step further coming to the ring for her matchup with King with a blown-up version of that photo. King was none too pleased. The look on her face when she made eye contact with Elaban was clear, this was going to be a fight.

And a fight it was. The action spilled outside of the ring early and often. Eventually, the two just disregarded any and all instructions from the official and continued to brawl outside the ring. That forced referee Andy Seeley into the unenviable position of having to declare a championship match a double countout, much to the dismay of the Unbranded Brewing Company crowd, which chanted "Let them fight!"

Eventually, both women brawled their way back into the ring. When King knocked Elaban outside the ring, it seemed as though things would calm down. But they did not. King went after Elaban, while Seeley tried to hold her back. Another official, Adrian Paz, came out in an attempt to get Elaban away from ringside. But he got an elbow to the side of the head for his trouble and the women hooked up again, battling all the way into the backstage area.

This feud is far from over, CCW fans.

Gangrel def. Damian Fenrir

The Vampire Warrior is also the head trainer at CCW and has graciously taken matches with many of the young wrestlers he has a hand in training with Coastal Championship Wrestling.

Fenrir was the latest beneficiary of this offer, but he wasn't exactly appreciative. The brash young wrestler didn't even wait for the bell, nailing Gangrel with a top-tope dropkick before the match had even begun.

But Gangrel recovered quickly. Fenrir landed a handful of strikes after the dropkick before Gangrel landed a number of punches, a hotshot and an elbow drop to take over the early momentum. Fenrir was able to toss Gangrel from the ring to get a brief respite, but made the mistake of trying to attack him on the outside and was on the receiving end of a bodyslam on the concrete floor at Unbranded Brewing Company.

Back in the ring, momentum swung back and forth for a few minutes, including dueling Side Russian Legsweeps from both competitors. When Fenrir went to the top looking for a senton off the top turnbuckle, Gangrel moved sending his opponent crashing into the mat. That was the beginning of the end for Fenrir.

From there, Gangrel scored with a bulldog of the top, setting him up for the Impaler DDT to end it.

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