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Alive 110: Levy Relies on Brass Knuckles Again, Retains Title Over Gangrel

On this week’s episode of CCW Alive, Coastal Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Ariel Levy faced yet another incredible test to his title reign. The legendary Vampire Warrior Gangrel received a title shot at Bash At The Brew recently and could have (should have?) walked out with the strap. But, in what is becoming a familiar refrain for Levy, the “Champion That You Deserve” retained the title in controversial fashion.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 110 and read below for our recap.

Ariel Levy def. Gangrel – CCW World Heavyweight Championship

Ariel Levy came to the ring with his ever-present Chilean countryman sidekick Alan “S2S” Martinez, while Gangrel was looking for his first gold in Coastal Championship Wrestling. Martinez would play a factor in the match’s conclusion.

After a back-and-forth matchup that saw Levy and Martinez try to use any and every questionable advantage they could, an unfortunate turn of events with the official assigned to the match might have cost Gangrel the gold. As Gangrel reversed an Irish whip into the corner, he whipped Levy right into referee Amy Veronica, who was down on the mat after the impact. Gangrel hit his patented Impaler DDT moments later, but Veronica was in no shape to administer the three-count.

At that point, Martinez entered the ring and helped Levy brutalize the challenger. Martinez nailed Gangrel with a superkick and Levy scored with a Codebreaker, which he has successfully used to win numerous matches. Martinez helped Veronica realize there was a pinfall taking place and she began to count, but Gangrel kicked out!

Just moments later, Gangrel hit another Impaler and this time, the referee was in position to count the pinfall. But as her hand was coming down for the third time, Martinez grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her halfway out of the ring, breaking up the count. As Veronica admonished Martinez and attempted to send him to the back, Levy brought in a chair.

Gangrel blocked the attempt to hit him with the chair and grabbed it himself. As he was about to blast Levy with the chair, Veronica grabbed it from his hands. While she had her back turned to assure the chair was safely out of the ring, Levy went back to his dirty tricks, pulling out brass knuckles from his trunks and blasting Gangrel with them. Levy added a Codebreaker for good measure and secured the pinfall victory.

See you next week!

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