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Alive 113: Gangrel Defeats Brian Brock

Gangrel returns to CCW Alive this week to face off with Buckshot Brian Brock. Gangrel had a score to settle with Brock, who interfered in the Vampire Warrior’s match with Jacob Fatu a few months ago. Meanwhile, Brock seemed to continue looking to make more of a name for himself against the legendary Gangrel.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 113 and read below for our recap.

Vinincious Sighting!

This week’s show opened with a clip from Copacabana Beach in Rio, Brazil. It was just a two-second clip as the Brazilian Giant Vinicious walked past the camera. But this is huge news. We haven’t seen Vinicious on CCW Alive since he was so brutally attacked by Ariel Levy months ago. Will we see Vinincious in action on CCW Alive soon? Perhaps this is a sign?

Stay tuned ...

Gangrel def. Buckshot Brian Brock

In our featured match, Gangrel was looking for revenge after Brock interfered in his match with Fatu from earlier this year. The duo have hooked up in a fight one time, according to CCW Research, battling to a draw in a bar fight in 2020. The bottom line? These two do not like one another.

That became obvious as the action spilled out of the ring within minutes of the bell.

Brock and Gangrel battled in the entry-way to the ring on the auditorium floor, with both men landing heavy blows. The match transitioned back into the ring for a few moments, before Gangrel rolled to the outside for a quick breather. But Brock followed him to ringside, landing a massive punch, raking at the eyes and face of Gangrel and then running the Vampire Warrior into the ring post.

Brock had the advantage for much of the matchup, including most of the time spent outside the ring. But Gangrel is a wily veteran and he found an opening.

Brock missed a couple elbow drops, with Gangrel rolling out of the way. That gave the Vampire Warrior the separation he needed to seemingly pull a bulldog out of thin air and regain some measure of control. That lasted until Brock held on in the corner as Gangrel was looking for yet another bulldog. As Gangrel tumbled to the mat, Brock went back on the offensive. He scored with a big boot, a shoulder tackle and an elbow drop, but couldn’t keep Gangrel down for the three-count.

Once again, the veteran Gangrel would find an opening. Brock missed an elbow drop from the second turnbuckle and while Brock seemed to recover from that, driving Gangrel into the corner, the Vampire Warrior reversed an Irish Whip and scored with an Impaler DDT virtually out of nowhere to secure the pinfall.

See you next week!

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