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Alive 114: Fonzie Gets "Giant" Victory Over Dan Lambert in NO DQ Match

For months, American Top Team Owner Dan Lambert has been showing up at Coastal Championship Wrestling shows and generally running down the company, its fans, etc. The legendary Manager of Champions Bill Alfonso has taken up for CCW and defended the company at every turn. Fonzie has been left bloody by Lambert on multiple occasions. On this week's CCW Alive, this feud reaches a boiling point, as Fonzie and Lambert square off in a No Disqualification Match!

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 114 and read below for our recap.

Bill Alfonso def. Dan Lambert - No Disqualification Match

Dan Lambert may have won a few battles, leaving Bill Alfonso bloody in the ring on numerous occasions. But Alfonso won the war, picking up the victory in this no disqualification match from Bash At The Brew 21.

Lambert came to the ring with a microphone and annoyed the entire crowd in attendance by constantly berating Alfonso, CCW and its fans throughout the match. As the match was set to begin, Lambert asked Fonzie if he wanted to kiss his black belt, even offering to close his eyes for some reason.

Fonzie, a hardcore legend, took advantage right away. He kicked Lambert square in the crotch and then blasted him in the head with a trash can lid.

But Lambert is an accomplished martial artist and he used those skills to his advantage. He told the crowd he would put Alfonso in a Brazilian Jiujitsu triangle choke looked like. He slapped it on, but Alfonso refused to quit, frustrating Lambert even more.

Lambert used the microphone as a weapon, beating Alfonso bloody with it, while he continued to berate him verbally. At one point, Lambert used his own black belt to hang Fonzie from the ring, wrapping it around his throat trying to choke him out. But Fonzie would not quit.

Lambert controlled much of the action until he went for a dive in the corner, looking to blast Alfonso with a trash can lid. He missed and the trash can lid damaged Lambert, giving Fonzie some time to regroup.

Except he didn't have time to regroup. Alfonso's former client, now the CCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ariel Levy hit the ring with his ever-present sidekick Alan "S2S" Martinez and proceeded to beat down Alfonso. But then some very familiar music played and a look of disbelief came over Levy's face.

Through the curtain came Vinicious, making his return to CCW for the first time since Levy brutalized him with a steel chair and put him out of action for months, The Brazilian Destroyer hit the ring, Levy cowardly pushed his friend Martinez into Vinicious who received a Greetings From Copacabana for his trouble.

When Lambert tried to hit Vinicious with a weapon, he just angered the Brazilian Giant. When he swung wildly on the big man, Vinicious used his momentum against him and turned it into a massive uranage. Vinicious then grabbed his manager, his friend Bill Alfonso and drug him on top of Lambert's prone body. Senior official Bruce Owens counted 1-2-3 and Fonzie picked up the victory!

Following the match, an emotional Alfonso addressed the CCW crowd saying "I got my Giant back!"

What's next for Vinicious now that he's back? Time will tell, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Levy should be nervous.

See you next week!

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