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Alive 115: Ashley D'Amboise Picks Up Huge Win Over Labrava in Women's Contender Matchup

The Coastal Championship Wrestling women's division has been on fire and the heat continued this week on CCW Alive! First, the CCW faithful were "graced" by the presence of new Women's Champion Marina Tucker, then Tucker joined Dan Evans on commentary to watch Ashley D'Amboise and Labrava battle it out in a matchup of top contenders.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 115 and read below for our recap.

Marina Tucker Reintroduces Herself as the New CCW Women's Champion

Prior to this week's featured match, newly-crowned CCW Women's Champion Marina Tucker made her way to the ring and had some words for the Unbranded Brewing Company crowd.

"I have kept my eye on this women's division while I've been away doing bigger things," Tucker said. "I've noticed that a lot of women are talking about the prestigious CCW Women's Title. Well, please let me reintroduce you to the person who made it prestigious ... me!"

Tucker went on to "give herself the night off" and join the commentary table to pontificate on our matchup between Ashley D'Amboise and Labarava.

Ashley D'Amboise def. Labrava

Clearly Tucker's comments were heard in the back as D'Amboise and Labrava both acknowledged the champion's -- and the championship's -- presence at ringside. Both clearly showing they believed they should be next in line for a shot at the Detroit Barbie.

Early on, D'Amboise looked to have the advantage in athleticism and power. She showed that off by locking Labrava's head in a leglock and then doing pushups while maintaining control of her opponent. D'Amboise then looked to show off her agilty with what could only be described as some gymnastics-level maneuvers.

At that point, Labrava decided enough was enough. While she may have been at a slight athletic disadvantage, she was not at a toughness or ruthlessness advantage. Labrava simply used one well-placed knee to the side of D'Amboise to gain the upper hand.

Labrava then did what she does best and muddied up the match, by taking it to a different level with regard to the rules. On the floor, The Sixth Sense rammed D'Amboise into the ring post. Back inside the ring, Labrava continued her onslaught, choking D'Amboise on the top rope.

With momentum swinging back and forth a bit, Labrava believed she had an opening to finish off her opponent. She climbed the second turnbuckle and went for a high-risk maneuver. The risk was greater than the reward. D'Amboise had it scouted, caught her and used Labrava's own momentum to score the pinfall with a nasty uranage.

Does this put D'Amboise in line for a title shot? We'll have to wait and see!

See you next week!

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