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Alive 117: Nicolth Lucero Returns; Gangrel Defeats Abbad

Women’s division action and a classic matchup of big men highlight this week’s episode of CCW Alive. In the women’s division, Nicolth Lucero makes her return to Coastal Championship Wrestling after years away, taking on Tracy Nyxx. In our featured bout, the Vampire Warrior Gangrel faces off with the massive Puerto Rican Abbad.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 117 and read below for our recap.

Nicolth Lucero def. Tracy Nyxx A mainstay in CCW over the years, according to our announcers Nicolth Lucero was making her return to the CCW ring after an absence of more than four years. If she had any ring rust on her, it certainly wasn’t noticeable in this matchup vs. Tracy Nyxx.

Lucero started like a house afire, hitting Nyxx with a massive bodyslam and a huge belly-to-belly suplex that resulted in a very near fall. Nyxx got a little offense in when the match briefly went outside the ring. But once back inside, Lucero once again took over.

Lucero made a triumphant return to CCW, scoring the victory with a double-underhook sitout powerbomb to score the three-count. Lucero could be a wildcard in the CCW women’s division now that she’s back.

Gangrel def. Abbad

Bash At the Brew fans at Unbranded Brewing Company in Hialeah, Fla. were treated to a matchup of two of the bigger men in CCW, as the Vampire Warrior Gangrel made another appearance, this time vs. Abbad, representing the Resident Scumbags. While head scumbag Lew Spectre wasn’t around, his bodyguard Xander Frost was in attendance and played a part in the matchup.

It was back-and-forth in the earlygoing, as Gangrel scored with a big bodyslam when Abbad telegraphed a back bodydrop attempt. But Abbad got his shots in as well, including a nasty knee to the midsection of Gangrel that sent him crashing into the mat.

Gangrel nearly picked up the victory with one of his patented snap powerslams, but Abbad was able to slip out the back door at the last moment. A few moments later, it looked as though Gangrel had the match won when he powered Abbad into a superplex off the turnbuckle. But the maneuver took so much out of both men, Gangrel was unable to make the cover.

Abbad was clearly frustrated he couldn’t manhandle Gangrel the way he does with much of his opposition. Enter Xander Frost, who tried to help his Resident Scumbag brother. Frost was able to make his way to the apron and grab ahold of Gangrel, hoping to hold him for an Abbad cheap shot.

But Gangrel ducked it, as Abbad blasted Frost, he was distracted and turned around into an Impaler DDT, giving Gangrel the hard-fought victory.

See you next week!

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