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Alive 118: Chris Farrow Makes History, Regains CCW Cruiserweight Title

Just one match this week on CCW Alive, but that’s all that is needed. It’s a Triple Threat match for the CCW Cruiserweight Championship. Jai Vidal puts his title on the line vs. two former champions in Alan “S2S” Martinez and Chris Farrow.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 118 and read below for our recap.

Chris Farrow def. Alan "S2S" Martinez & Jai Vidal - Triple Threat - CCW Cruiserweight Championship Sports fans may remember Willis Reed inspiring his team to a victory in Game 7 of the NBA Finals when he hobbled onto the court with a torn muscle in his thigh. They might remember Michael Jordan’s famous flu game.

Athletes battling through injuries to return to the fray and win championships are the stuff of legends. Chris Farrow had just such an experience on this week’s episode of CCW Alive. Farrow joined Alan “S2S” Martinez in a triple threat match to challenge for Jai Vidal’s CCW Cruiserweight Championship.

Since the title’s inception almost two years ago, the only three men to hold the title were in this matchup. Farrow was the inaugural champion, before losing the title to Martinez. Vidal wrestled it away from Martinez back in August.

With the type of talent on display in this matchup, it should be no surprise that the match was a bit of a stalemate at the beginning. None of the men in the contest could seem to get the upper hand.

But the match changed when Martinez caught Farrow on the apron and tossed him into the ring steps. To be exact, he landed Farrow between the ring steps and the ring post, causing what looked to be an injury to Farrow’s right leg. To add insult (and more injury) to injury, Vidal then dropkicked the steps into Farrow’s already compromised right leg.

Farrow was helped the back, while Martinez and Vidal continued to battle. Martinez locked Vidal into a brutal submission maneuver, but the champion refused to give up.

While neither Vidal nor Martinez could finish off the other and the match continued, Farrow was receiving medical treatment in the back.

Shockingly, a few moments later, Farrow hobbled back to the ring with what was described as a dislocated patella. He ducked a double-clothesline from the other two competitors and hit a leg lariat on Vidal, knocking the champion out of the ring. But he was limping badly on the heavily-taped, injured leg and Martinez looked to capitalize. Martinez worked over the leg of Farrow and then set him up for a sharpshooter.

But as Martinez was going to turn him over, he bent over just a bit too far. Farrow had the presence of mind to grab Martinez’s head and roll him into a small package for the pinfall, securing the three-count just before Vidal could re-enter the ring to try to break up the pin.

Farrow becomes the first two-time CCW Cruiserweight Champion. Who will challenge him next? Time will tell … stay tuned!

See you next week!

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