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Alive 119: KiLynn King Victorious vs. Kelsey Raegan

Action in the Coastal Championship Wrestling women's division continues to stay red hot and this week's episode of CCW Alive is yet another example. Former champion KiLynn King faced off against the debuting Kelsey Raegan, who has made quite a name for herself around the country in the past couple years.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 119 and read below for our recap.

KiLynn King def. Kelsey Raegan

KiLynn King has competed in Coastal Championship Wrestling twice since losing the CCW Women's Championship in a Triple Threat matchup (when Marina Tucker pinned Ashley D'Amboise) a few months ago.

But the Mother Effin' King is 2-0 since Tucker regained the title and has made it clear she is still very much in the mix in the CCW women's division. Kelsey Raegan made her CCW debut in this matchup, giving a solid accounting of herself. But King and the Excalibuster proved to be just a bit too much in the end.

Raegan tried to show off her strength in the early going, but it was clear that King had the size and strength advantage. Raegan went for a throw on King, who blocked it, gained a dominant position and simply lifted Raegan off the mat and threw her down face first. At this point, it was clear Raegan would need a different strategy.

Raegan used some guile a few minutes later, taking advantage of a King mistake. The former champion went for a double knee strike in the corner and Raegan got out of the way, leaving King stuck in the turnbuckles. Raegan grabbed King and hit a nasty looking neckbreaker out of the corner.

Shortly thereafter, Raegan had a prone King in the opposite corner and utilized her quickness and viciousness to her advantage. After using her boot to choke King, she built up speed by bouncing off the ropes and delivering a devastating kick to the face before mugging for the cameras.

As King tried to turn the tide and regained some momentum, it was clear Raegan had done her homework. King thought she had her opponent set up for the Excalibuster, which has led her to innumerable victories throughout numerous promotions. But King was able to slither out the back door and score with a backstabber for a near fall.

But the resilience of King was on full display. After Raegan landed a big-time knee strike, King powered her opponent over with a backdrop and nearly knocked Raegan's head off with a standing kick to the face. That kick staggered Raegan long enough for King to secure the pump-handle setup for the Excalibuster.

King successfully executed her devastating finishing maneuver and scored the pinfall victory to continue her momentum toward a potential opportunity at Tucker and the CCW Women's Championship.

See you next week!

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Click the link for tickets and information on all of CCW’s upcoming shows.Women’s division action and a classic matchup of big men highlight this week’s episode of CCW Alive. In the women’s division, Nicolth Lucero makes her return to Coastal Championship Wrestling after years away, taking on Tracy Nyxx. In our featured bout, the Vampire Warrior Gangrel faces off with the massive Puerto Rican Abbad.


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