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Alive 120: In Controversial Fashion, Levy Retains Over Martinez w/ Sullivan as Guest Ref

The CCW World Heavyweight Championship was on the line on this week's episode of CCW Alive. Ariel Levy defended the title against South Florida's own Ricky Martinez, with The Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan serving as special guest referee.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 120 and read below for our recap.

Ariel Levy def. Ricky Martinez - CCW World Heavyweight Championship

It was controversial, but yet isn't it almost always when Ariel Levy defends his CCW World Heavyweight Championship? The "Champ That You Deserve" faced off with Pitbull Sicario and crowd favorite Ricky Martinez.

The Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan was appointed a special referee. With Sullivan's involvement, Levy entered the ring paying homage (or mocking?) Sullivan with some special face paint.

Before the match could even start, Sullivan told Levy he didn't trust him and checked his tights for the brass knuckles that have become a bit of a staple for him in big matches. Sullivan didn't find any, but after inspecting Levy's trunks, he did say "Just as I suspected, there's nothing in there."

Sullivan seemed distracted often when Levy covered Martinez, failing to count a handful of covers by Levy.

Finally, Martinez hit a Codebreaker on Levy, one of the champion's signature moves and looked to take the title. As Sullivan went to count the pinfall, Levy's right-hand man, the ever present Alan "S2S" Martinez distracted Sullivan. Following the distraction, Martinez passed Levy some brass knuckles or a foreign object of some sort.

Levy went to use the object on Martinez, but was caught by Sullivan. The Taskmaster took the brass knucks and (for some reason) put them on his own right hand. Meanwhile, Levy was berating Sullivan. At one point, Levy spit at Sullivan, hitting him right in the eye. As Sullivan tried to regain his vision, he took a wild swing with the brass knuckles, looking to hit Levy.

But the champion ducked and it was Martinez who suffered the blow from the foreign object. Levy capitalized, hitting a Codebreaker of his own. This time, Sullivan had no other alternative but to count the pinfall and Levy retained the championship.

See you next week!

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Click the link for tickets and information on all of CCW’s upcoming shows.Women’s division action and a classic matchup of big men highlight this week’s episode of CCW Alive. In the women’s division, Nicolth Lucero makes her return to Coastal Championship Wrestling after years away, taking on Tracy Nyxx. In our featured bout, the Vampire Warrior Gangrel faces off with the massive Puerto Rican Abbad.


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