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Alive 122: Fuego Del Sol, Jai Vidal Tear The House Down in Cruiserweight Action

Stars of Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling faced off in Coastal Championship Wrestling on this week's CCW Alive! Jai Vidal, recently signed to Impact, and AEW star Fuego Del Sol absolutely delighted the fans at Unbranded Brewing Company and wowed viewers of the show. Fuego may have picked up the victory, but both competitors likely picked up more fans after an incredible matchup.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 122 and read below for our recap.

Fuego Del Sol def. Jai Vidal

The action CCW Alive was fast and furious this week, as one would expect with two of the top cruiserweights in all of professional wrestling in competition. Jai Vidal, who held the Coastal Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship for 91 days earlier this year, faced off with Fuego Del Sol.

These two had plenty of fun prior to the match - Fuego even checked the referee for foreign objects -- the action was intense and hard-hitting when the bell rang. Fuego Del Sol looked to end it early, hitting an amazing handspring cutter. But Vidal wasn't going down without a fight.

The former CCW Cruiserweight Champion got the upper hand when the action spilled outside the ring. Back inside the ring, Vidal locked on a sharpshooter. It took virtually all the intestinal fortitude Fuego had to reach the ropes and break the hold. But he was able to get to the bottom rope and the match continued.

From there, it was a back-and-forth affair. One sequence displayed exactly how evenly matched Vidal and Fuego were on this night. Fuego nailed Vidal with a high knee strike against the ropes, but needed a moment to catch his breath before following up. That was all the opening Vidal needed as he followed him to the other side and hit a massive boot to the face.

Eventually, Fuego Del Sol picked up the victory with his signature maneuver. Almost out of nowhere, the AEW star scored with his Tornado DDT and picked up the hard-fought victory over Vidal.

While there were hijinks prior to the match, there was even tomfoolery after the match. Often, following such a spirited match, you'll either see a display of sportsmanship or a complete lack of it. It wasn't quite obvious which was coming following this one, as Vidal held out his hand to shake Fuego's. Fuego stalled and looked as though he might not shake Vidal's hand. He pushed his hand away. But just when you thought Fuego was being unsportsmanlike, he sent Vidal and the crowd home with a smile ... planting a big fat kiss on a shocked Vidal!

See you next week!

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