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Alive 123: Nicolth Lucero Victorious Over Kelsey Raegan in Red-Hot Women's Division

Business has been booming in the Coastal Championship Wrestling women's division for a while now. And business continues to pick up. Women are coming out of the woodwork, looking to challenge "The Detroit Barbie" Marina Tucker for her CCW Women's Championship. Two of those contenders faced off this week on CCW Alive.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 123 and read below for our recap.

Nicolth Luchero def. Kelsey Raegan

Fan favorite Nicolth Lucero was a mainstay in Coastal Championship Wrestling a few years ago and after some time away from CCW, she has made a triumphant return and almost immediately inserted herself into the title picture. On this week's CCW Alive, she faced off with a relative newcomer to CCW in Kelsey Raegan.

Lucero used her power to gain the upper hand early on. But Raegan is crafty and regained some control of the match with some questionable tactics, namely a timely pull of Lucero's hair out of the sight of the referee.

Raegan tried stretching Lucero for a while, then went to chops to try to take down her larger foe. In one particularly clever move, Raegan caught a kick attempt from Lucero, then threw Lucero's leg over the middle rope, essentially rendering her helpless to escape what was coming next. What came next was a vicious chop that sent Lucero to the mat.

Moments later, Raegan tried to cut off Lucero's oxygen, draping her throat across the middle rope and putting all of her body weight on Lucero's back. When the referee finally made her break the hold, Lucero crawled to the corner and she may have wished she hadn't. Raegan bounced off the ropes and delivered a nasty kick to Lucero's face, earning a 2-count.

While Raegan nearly scored the pinfall, she may have also woken Lucero up. Lucero came back with a vengeance. She hit a number of strikes and clotheslines, before landing a bulldog on Raegan that resulted in a near fall.

Raegan got one last bit of solid offense in with a rolling forearm strike, followed by a submission attempt. But Lucero reached the ropes. From there, the power of Lucero once again took over. An attempt a superplex from Raegan was countered into a powerbomb from Lucero.

A few moments later, Lucero scored with another variation of a powerbomb, this time the double underhook variety. That maneuver was enough to keep Raegan's shoulders to the mat for a three-count.

Nicolth Lucero has been petitioning CCW management for a title shot. More results like this and she seems like she is well on her way to earning that shot at Tucker and the gold.

See you next week!

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