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Alive 132: Team Vinicious Claims Victory In Game Of War

Episode 132 of CCW Alive features a match months in the making. Ever since the breakup of the South American Alliance, Vinicious and Ariel Levy looked to be heading to war. Well, they did just that in Game Of War.

Team Levy consisted of the CCW World Heavyweight Champion Ariel Levy, the CCW Southeastern Champion Meto, Alex Chamberlain and Damian Fenrir. They faced off with Team Vinicious, made up of Vinicious, Cha Cha Charlie, Jackal Stevens and the Vampire Warrior Gangrel.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 131 and scroll down for our recap.

Team Vinicious def. Team Levy - Game Of War

In a traditional Game Of War matchup, Team Levy won the rightto have a one-man advantage through much of the alternating entrant portion of the matchup.

Levy opened the match against Jackal Stevens and while Stevens had the advantage in the early going, the advantage played out to Team Levy's benefit when Damian Fenrir entered. Levy and Fenrir battered Stevens until the Vampire Warrior Gangrel appeared, briefly evening the odds.

Next in for Team Levy was Alex Chamberlain, followed by Cha Cha Charlie for Team Vinicious. Finally, both teams had their full complement of men in the ring when Meto entered for Team Levy, followed three minutes later by Vinicious.

But it wasn't even for long, shortly after The Game of War match officially began when Vinicious entered the ring, Levy's countryman and ever-present counterpart Alan "S2S" Martinez inserted himself in the match.

Vinicous' manager Bill Alfonso even wound up in the two-ring cage in an attempt to even the odds.

In the end, it was a pair of mistakes from Team Levy that led to the victory for Team Vinicious. First, Fenrir went to the top of the cage and was joined there by Stevens. Eventually, all the official participants in the match other than Gangrel and Levy were on the ropes and the cage. Vinicious took advantage of the situation, using his incredible power to powerbomb the mass of humanity to the canvas.

The car wreck you see above essentially took six of the eight official competitors out of the match.

Meanwhile, Martinez looked to take out Gangrel with a chair. But the wily veteran ducked the swing and Martinez took out Levy with the chair shot. Gangrel wiped out Martinez with the chair, then landed Levy's face on the furniture with an Impaler DDT, before slapping on a crossface.

Levy tried to fight it. But with nobody to save him, he passed out and referee Randy Eller called for the bell giving Team Vinicious the victory!

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