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Alive 137: Marina Tucker Retains CCW Women's Title; Martin Stone Tops Curt Stallion

More evidence of the biggest stars in professional wrestling shining on the Coastal Championship Wrestling stage.

On this week's episode, Marina Tucker (aka Women of Wrestling/WOW Champion Penelope Pink) defends the CCW Women's Championship against All Elite Wrestling star and QTV cast member Harley Cameron. In addition, two former NXT stars Martin Stone and Curt Stallion go to war in an absolute slobberknocker.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 137 and scroll down for our recap.

Marina Tucker def. Harley Cameron - CCW Women's Championship

Cameron had the upper hand early on and did what many in the CCW women's locker room would probably love to do, gave a swift spank to the backside of CCW Women's Champion Marina Tucker.

But in the end, Tucker's experience proved to be too much for Cameron. Tucker retained with her Pretty In Pink finishing maneuver.

Martin Stone def. Curt Stallion

As recently as 2021, both Martin Stone (fka Danny Burch) and Curt Stallion (fka Stallion Rogers) were seen competing on WWE's NXT brand. Stone was one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions for nearly a full year.

While Stone and Stallion never locked horns in NXT, they battled at CCW's Conquer Kissimmee show at Sun On the Beach in Old Town, Kissimmee, Fla. back in Feburary. It was the first meeting in nearly six years between the two veterans. And it was a war!

Stone and Stallion chopped the hell out of one another and even worked in a wrestling move or two as well. Stallion nearly picked up the victory after this thrust kick from a prone position, followed by a German suplex. But the wily Stone was able to kick out.

Stone dared Stallion to continue chopping him late in the match. Stallion gladly obliged as Stone absorbed half a dozen wicked strikes to the chest. Finally, Stone had enough, blocked one final chop attempt and turned it into a crossface to pick up the submission victory.

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