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Alive 140: CCW Tag Champs The Qrown Victorious in Tables, Ladders, Chairs Match

One of the biggest threats to The Qrown's reign at the top of the Coastal Championship Wrestling tag team division is featured on Alive 140.

The Qrown were faced with a triple-threat Tables, Ladders & Chairs match with Agony & Alex Xcean and Alex Chamberlain & Damian Fenrir serving as the opponents. Agony and Xcean are no strangers to CCW Tag Team gold, while the veteran Chamberlain and the up-and-coming Fenrir are two of the more dominant men on the CCW roster.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 140 and scroll down for our recap.

The Qrown def. Agony & Alex Xcean / Alex Chamberlain & Damian Fenrir - CCW Tag Team Championships - Tables, Ladders, Chairs Match

The Qrown have steamrolled through team after team in CCW since winning the tag team championships. But they have never defended their titles in such a dangerous match.

It was clear early on that there would be violence and plenty of it. In the early going, Fenrir and Chamberlain worked over Xcean and Agony and gaining the advantage. Xcean was sandwiched between the legs of a ladder and Agony suffered a piledriver on the steel steps.

Xcean has a reputation for putting his body on the line and he showed it in this one, as he came off the CCW entry-way to put Chamberlain through a table. While this essentially took Chamberlain out of the match, it may have damaged Xcean as well.

Back in the ring, Fenrir tossed an already-weakened Xcean through a pair of chairs. But he caught a massive right hand from Leonis Khan for the trouble, leaving Xcean alone in the ring with The Qrown.

Xcean tried to mount some offense on his own, but The Qrown (and a spear through a table) were too much, as The Qrown retained their titles.

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