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Alive 144: Nyxx Tops LaBrava; Chamberlain Controversially Disqualified vs ERA

Two featured matchps this on CCW Alive, as Tracy Nyxx and LaBrava square off win women's action. Meanwhile, Alex Chamberlain and ERA match up in a key bout as both men look to improve their standing in the championship picture. But that one ended in a bit of controversy. More on that below in our recap.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 144 and scroll down for our recap.

Tracy Nyxx def. LaBrava

LaBrava came in as the arguable favorite in this one, as both she and Tracy Nyxx looked to establish themselves in the chase for Marina Tucker's CCW Women's Championship.

But in the end, it was Nyxx who scored the pinfall, with an Eat Defeat.

ERA def. Alex Chamberlain via disqualification

Alex Chamberlain has been in a mood as of late. He looked to take that out on former King of the Territory ERA in a matchup from Hialeah Heat.

Referee Andy Seeley had a hard time controlling this one throughout. At one point, Chamberlain put his hands on the official and he was warned in no uncertain terms that any other intentional contact would result in a disqualification. More on that a bit later.

As the match progressed, Chamberlain worked over the injured right arm of ERA. Even when ERA was scoring with some offensive maneuvers, it was obvious he was favoring the injury. Below is a clip of ERA scoring with a missile dropkick, but was unable to follow up as he landed on the injured arm.

Eventually, Chamberlain took over and was absolutely pounding ERA with fists. As the official administered a five-count to Chamberlain for the illegal fisticuffs, Chamberlain's elbow caught the referee flush on the jaw.

Seeley, the official, quickly called for the bell and disqualified Chamberlain for making contact with him yet again. Was it intentional? Hard to say, but the official deemed it so, disqualifying the former CCW Southeastern Champion and giving a surprised ERA the victory.

Chamberlain was none too pleased and went after both ERA and the official, before both high-tailed it out of the ring.

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