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Alive 149: New Cruiserweight Champ, as Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day

Chris Farrow puts his CCW Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Jake St. Patrick in our featured bout on CCW Alive this week.

But first, we have women's action as The Bunny Mila Moore faces off with Nadia White.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 149 and scroll down for our recap.

Mila Moore def. Nadia White

Nadia White looked to gain an advantage over The Bunny Mila Moore by aligning herself with Lew Spectre. But even the leader of the Resident Scumbags couldn't help her, as Moore picked up a relatively quick victory with a devastating fisherman's neckbreaker.

Jake St. Patrick def. Chris Farrow - CCW Cruiserweight Championship

Jake St. Patrick likes to say "Every day is St. Patrick's Day!" Well, at Bash At the Brew 29, he was certainly right.

St. Patrick and Farrow seemed to be close. But in the weeks leading up to this matchup, St. Patrick turned on his friend and brutally attacked him, building to the climax of this matchup.

Farrow nearly secured the victory with a 450 splash, seen in the clip below. But St. Patrick kicked out at the last possible moment.

St. Patrick used some questionable tactics to pick up the victory, however. He brought the title belt into the ring. When referee Amy Veronica took it away from him and returned it to the timekeeper, St. Patrick utilized the distraction to hit a low blow and a devastating kick to take down the now-former champ.


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