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Alive 151: Can Ozzy & Invidia Get On the Same Page? Snow Tops Ruthie Jay

Ozzy Kilmeister faces Boz and Lindsay Snow vs. Ruthie Jay from Port St. Lucie, Fla. on this week's CCW Alive!

Kilmeister and Invidia have not been on the same page recently and it showed in this one. Meanwhile, Snow gets an opportunity against NWA star Ruthie Jay.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 151 and scroll down for our recap.

Boz def. Ozzy Kilmeister (w/ Invidia)

Ozzy Kilmeister has become one of the most popular wrestlers in CCW over the past few months, following what seems to be a change in his attitude and demeanor. While he has become quite popular, he has struggled as of late with his valet/manager Invidia.

Once again, Invidia was a source of frustration for Kilmeister in this one. Trying to help Ozzy, Invidia inadvertently distracted Ozzy, giving Boz time to slap on a sleeper and put the Mosho Man out cold for the victory.

Kilmeister and Invidia are clearly having issues, as Ozzy simply turns his back on Invidia and leaves her behind in the ring.

Lindsay Snow def. Ruthie Jay

In one of her biggest opportunities since coming to CCW, Lindsay Snow faced off with current NWA star and CCW mainstay Ruthie Jay.

While Ruthie had plenty of opportunities in this one, it was Snow picking up the victory, thanks to her submission skills.


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