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Alive 155: Levy Survives Dominguez, Retains World Title In Ladder Match,

We go back to Conquer Kissimmee at Sun On The Beach in Old Town for this week's feature matchup. In what turned out to be his final title defense, before losing his CCW World Championship to Jackal Stevens, Ariel Levy nearly lost the title to upstart Ariel Dominguez.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 155 and scroll down for our recap.

Ariel Levy (C) def. Ariel Dominguez - Ladder Match - CCW World Championship

Ariel Levy put his Coastal Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship on the line in a ladder match against hometown favorite Ariel Dominguez.

Levy opened the matchup mocking and trying to intimidate the smaller Dominguez. But Dominguez, who has stellar amateur credentials, including state and national championships, refused to back down.

In front of Rob Van Dam's legendary manager, Bill Alfonso, Levy mocked Fonzie and channeled his inner Van Dam with a nasty Coast To Coast, smashing the ladder into Dominguez's face. But the challenger wouldn't stay down.

Levy was just one, maybe two rungs on the ladder away from retaining after the Coast To Coast. But Dominguez recovered and elicited chants of "Holy Shit!" from the CCW faithful with this Sunset Flip Bomb off the ladder.

But, as he so often had throughout his title reign, Levy had help. Hector Perfecto, who seems to have an issue with Dominguez, appeared at the last second and blasted Dominguez with his mirror, then literally pushed Levy up the ladder to help him retain.

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