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Alive 57 Recap: King Debuts; Party Crashed

One of the more anticipated debuts in the history of CCW Alive is part of Episode 57, which premiered Tuesday night.

Click the player below to see this week’s episode on the CCW YouTube page.

Check out our recap of CCW Alive 57 below!

The CCW Champion Isn’t Afraid of Agony This Saturday in Port St. Lucie, Fla., CCW Champion El Jefe Santos faces one of his most fearsome challenges yet. Agony … the Maker of Nightmares … will challenge for Santos’ title at the Midflorida Credit Union Events Center. However, Santos is unafraid, saying he wants Dr. Eric Christopher to watch as he “castrates your monster.” Get tickets now!

KiLynn King def. Sofia Castillo

One of the fastest rising superstars in all of professional wrestling, KiLynn King, has worked for AEW, the NWA, Mission Pro Wrestling and many others. And this week, she made her much-anticipated debut on CCW Alive Wrestling, picking up a victory over Sofia Castillo.

Castillo came in on a hot streak with a 3-0 record in CCW during the 2021 calendar year. While she gave a solid accounting of herself, King ended up picking up the pinfall victory.

Action quickly went outside the ring in this contest, where both competitors were nearly counted out. Once back in the ring, King showed off some solid chain wrestling before both women picked up a near fall on rollup attempts. Castillo scored with a modified Pele kick while being tied up in the turnbuckle and followed with a superkick, but it wasn’t enough to keep King down. Back outside the ring, Castillo scored with a knee lift to King’s face.

King came back, slamming Castillo on the apron and hitting a facebuster inside the ring. A shotgun dropkick followed up by a double knee in the corner and Castillo was reeling.

The matchup was back-and-forth throughout. King survived a flying crossbody off the top, resulting in a very close near fall. But that was the last offense Castillo would generate. She looked for a maneuver as she bounced off the ropes, but King was able to catch her, lift her up and hit Kingdom Falls for the three count and the victory.

El Jefe Santos Is In Agony’s Crosshairs Not to be outdone by Santos’ comments from earlier in the show, Dr. Eric Christopher and Agony had a little package of their own as we count down to Trial By Fire. Christopher told Santos to “consider your days with that championship numbered.” We will see this Saturday at Trial By Fire in Port St. Lucie!

SAA Birthday Bash Crashed by Mosh & Mayhem

The hardcore legend Bill Alfonso threw a birthday celebration Ariel Levy of his CCW Tag Team Champions, the South American Alliance. But the celebration was short-lived as some party crashers seemed to ruin the festivities.

Mosh & Mayhem, aka Ozzy Killmeister and Beastly, along with the creepy Invidia, decided they didn’t want to see a birthday celebration, attacking Levy and his partner Vinicious. Both Vinicious and Levy were laid out with chairshots. Levy was powerbombed through his own birthday cake on a table outside the ring.

We’ll see where this goes in the coming weeks, as CCW fans know the South American Alliance isn’t going to allow these actions to go unpunished.

Don’t Miss An Episode of CCW Alive CCW Alive debuts every Tuesday at 7 p.m. on the Coastal Championship Wrestling YouTube page. Don’t miss all the hard-hitting action of Coastal Championship Wrestling!

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· Friday, Oct. 22 will see Breakout 6 at the CCW Arena with an 8 p.m. start time.

· CCW returns to Port St. Lucie at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Event Center on Saturday, Oct. 23 for Trial By Fire at 8 p.m.

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