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Alive 58: SAA Victorious; Cha Cha Attacked

Two feuds continued in Coastal Championship Wrestling this week on CCW Alive. Episode 58 features the CCW Tag Team Champions – the South American Alliance – looking for some revenge on Mosh & Mayhem, while the ever-popular Cha Cha Charlie faced off with long-time foe Jake “The Mother Lover” Tucker.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 58 and read our recap below!

South American Alliance def. Mosh & Mayhem – CCW Tag Team Championship Match On last week’s episode of CCW Alive, Beastly and Ozzy Killmeister, collectively known as Mosh & Mayhem, ruined the birthday celebration of Ariel Levy, one of half of the CCW Tag Team Champions. Levy, his partner Vinicious and the Manager of Champions Bill Alfonso celebrated with a cake during a recent taping of the show.

But Mosh & Mayhem, along with the creepy Invidia, were in no mood for partying. They attacked the champions and even powerbombed Levy through the cake.

At Bash at the Brew 9, the two teams were set to battle it out in the ring.

But Vinicious and Levy couldn’t wait and attacked the challengers before the bell, despite the mysterious absence of Alfonso. The SAA were in control through the early going, thanks to their pre-match strike outside the ring. In Alfonso’s absence, Invidia inserted herself into the match from the outside, changing the momentum for her team.

Taking advantage of Invidia’s trip of Levy, Killmeister and Beastly went on the offensive, cutting off the ring and keeping the humongous Vinicious on the sideline while they worked over Levy. A vicious short-arm clothesline from Killmeister and a huge sitout powerbomb from Beastly both resulted in near falls for Mosh & Mayhem. Finally, Levy was able to roll out from under an elbow drop attempt from Killmeister and tag Vinincious into the match, changing the momentum.

Back in charge, the South American Alliance was able to knock Killmeister from the ring and isolate Beastly. From there, Vinicious was able to get control of Beastly, where he and Levy delivered a spike piledriver to pick up the victory.

Cha Cha Charlie def. Jake “Mother Lover” Tucker by Disqualification Jake “Mother Lover” Tucker and Cha Cha Charlie, arguably the most popular wrester in Coastal Championship Wrestling, have a bit of history in CCW. The last time they shared a ring, Cha Cha and Marti Belle (the Dominican Dynamites) defeated the Tucker family (Jake and CCW Women’s Champion Marina).

This time, it was a one-on-one matchup with Tucker looking to save a little face for the family. But early, it was Charlie and a lovely young lady who added to the Cha Cha dance party at the beginning of the match, who teamed up on Tucker. The Mother Lover offered her a chance to spray him down with his ever-present aerosol can. She took him up on the offer with Charlie holding him from behind and sprayed him right in the eyes.

Charlie took advantage and softened up Tucker on the outside of the ring before the bell would ring to officially start the match. Once that bell rang, though, Tucker recovered and scored enough offense to have time to mock Cha Cha with his own dance moves.

But this one went back and forth. Eventually, Cha Cha was able to get Tucker in position for his signature Mangu Splash. He hit it and was on his way to sure victory when two men sprinted from the backstage area and attached Charlie, leading to Tucker’s disqualification.

One of the men was identified as E.R.A., who we now know will be appearing for CCW in the future. The identity of the other man has yet to be revealed. As the Tucker and his friends continued the beatdown on Cha Cha, the South American Alliance arrived just in time. Tucker and his friends had Charlie’s leg in a steel chair and were about to stomp on it as Vinicious and Ariel Levy arrived to save the day.

While the South American Alliance has battled with the Cha Cha Juggernauts in the past, on this day at least, those past battles seemed to be put behind them as Cha Cha and Levy shook hands in a show of mutual respect.

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