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Alive 59: Agony Wins Vicious Casket Match

Just one match this week on CCW Alive Wrestling, but wow was it a doozy! From Bash at the Brew 9, former CCW Tag Team Champions Agony and Alex Xcean met in a casket match to settle things between them.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 59 and read our recap below!

Agony def. Alex Xcean (Casket Match) Alex Xcean and Agony teamed together as Horror Story for four years. They previously held the CCW Tag Team Championship. But they are no longer teammates. They are no longer aligned. They are no longer friends – if you can even say that Agony has ever had the capacity for friendship.

In June, Horror Story received a tag team title shot, but within minutes of the opening bell, Agony (no doubt instructed by Dr. Eric Christopher) viciously attacked Xcean. Since then, the two have had issues. This match was expected to settle the score and it certainly lived up to the hype. No rules. Weapons allowed. The only way to win is to get your opponent in the casket at ringside and close the lid. Well, we thought that was the only way to win … more on that later.

Agony attacked Xcean before the bell, but the advantage was short-lived. Xcean responded with a Thesz press and rained down fists on the masked face of Agony.

However, with no rules and weapons allowed, it didn’t take long for the ring to fill up with chairs, trash cans and other various items that could be used to inflict pain and suffering on one another. Agony dished out numerous shots to the head with trash can lids and delivered a spinebuster on a trash can. Xcean then responded by wailing on Agony with a trash can lid of his own before Agony put him through a door.

The carnage continued for over 20 minutes and even included CCW senior official Bruce Owens. Dr. Christopher handed Agony a bag of thumbtacks, which he spread out in the ring. He went for a side Russian leg sweep on Xcean, but also had a hold of Owens. All three men landed on the tacks, with Owens possibly taking the worst of it.

Xcean looked to have the match won. After repeatedly slamming a chair into a trash can that was on Agony’s head, Xcean rolled him toward the casket. He was about to push him in and possibly win the match when Dr. Christopher slammed the casket closed. Agony’s ghouls then moved the casket, further preventing Xcean from putting his opponent inside.

Meanwhile, Agony used the distraction and some interference from Dr. Christopher to recover. Xcean climbed the turnbuckles looking to do more damage to Agony, but Christopher slipped into the ring and crowned him with his clipboard. That allowed Agony to regain control and he slammed Xcean off the top through the lid of the casket. At that point, with Xcean inside the casket and clearly incapacitated, CCW officials deemed Agony the winner.

With the victory, Agony became the No. 1 contender for the CCW Heavyweight Championship and earned a shot at El Jeje Santos at CCW Trial By Fire. That match will be seen on CCW Alive in the coming weeks.

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