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Alive 60: King Earns No. 1 Contender Spot

The 60th episode of CCW Alive Wrestling features a triple threat match to determine a No. 1 contender to the Coastal Championship Wrestling Women’s Champion, featuring Anna Diaz, KiLynn King and Tiffany Nieves. But never one to allow others to have all the limelight, Bianca Carelli just had to be heard before that matchup.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 60 and read our recap below!

Carelli Makes Her Case

Upset that a triple threat match for the No. 1 contender spot didn’t include her, Bianca Carelli took to the microphone prior to our featured match. What did Carelli have to say? Simply that she believed she “deserved” a spot in the match, while claiming she is “beautiful, strong, smart and fair to all.”

Of course, Carelli was only thinking of the fans when she said she felt bad they were being deprived of seeing her in the match. Not to worry, however, Carelli was willing to “suffer along” with the fans, watching this “horrible match” from the announce table.

KiLynn King def. Anna Diaz and Tiffany Nieves – Triple Threat Match

All three women in this matchup would love to be the No. 1 contender to Marina Tucker’s CCW Championship. Only King can claim that No. 1 contender position, but not without a fight from the other two women in the match.

Diaz, as mentioned during CCW Alive Episode 60, recently had an opportunity at NWA Women’s World Champion Kamille. King is a regular on All Elite Wrestling and is one of the hottest talents on the independent wrestling scene. Nieves, is a relative newcomer, defeating Carelli in her debut match recently.

The matchup began with a three-way test of strength, as Nieves and Diaz seemed to get the upper hand, but King was able to bridge up and take the advantage early on. Early on, Diaz ate a superkick from King, leaving Nieves and King to battle it out, but Diaz wasn’t out of it for long, breaking up an early pin attempt by Nieves. Each of the women in the matchup had an opportunity to prove their mettle. Nieves hit a version of Natural Selection on King for a near fall and Diaz locked King into her patented sleeper at one point. But neither was able to score the victory.

Eventually, Carelli “couldn’t watch this anymore” and left the announce position. Of course, she made her way to ringside. And she didn’t wait long to get involved, pulling Nieves off the apron, leaving King inside the ring with Diaz. King took advantage and hit Kingdom Falls on Diaz for the three-count to earn CCW’s No. 1 contender position.

With the victory, King has an open contract to face Tucker – or whoever the CCW Women’s Champion is at the time – at any point in the future.

Meanwhile, the action wasn’t over. Carelli and Nieves continued to battle on the outside of the ring, before King chased Carelli to the backstage area.

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