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Alive 62: Charlie-Santos Heats Up; King Victorious; Gangrel Tops Knockout

Plenty of action and plenty of heat ratcheting up as we leadup to one of the bigger matches in CCW history on this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling! CCW World Heavyweight Champion El Jefe Santos and Cha Cha Charlie, arguably the most popular wrestler in the organization, upped the rhetoric in advance of their title clash at Bash at the Brew XI.

Meanwhile, the No. 1 contender in the women’s division KiLynn King remained undefeated in CCW after a game challenge from Ruthie Jay. And in our main event, the legend, the Vampire Warrior Gangrel picked up a victory over Johnny Knockout but paid for it postmatch.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 62 and read our recap below!

CCW Champ Santos "Congratulate" Cha Cha On His Title Shot

At Bash at the Brew XI, Cha Cha Charlie will challenge El Jefe Santos for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship. While this match is a big deal for CCW fans and for Charlie, the champ says he doesn’t see it that way.

“Charlie … congratulations, you finally got your shot at the CCW World Heavyweight Champion,” said Santos. “I know this must be a big deal for you. But for me, nothing personal, but it’s just going to be another day at the office.”

Santos went even further, questioning if Charlie had the testicular fortitude to be CCW Champion.

“You could never, ever be El Jefe,” Santos said. “You need cojones to hold this belt. And believe me, I’ve got ’em. I’m going to prove to everybody that you can be the most popular superstar in CCW, you can be the top merchandise seller in CCW. But as long as I exist in this CCW universe, you will always be second best.”

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KiLynn King def. Ruthie Jay

King who is slated to face Marina Tucker at Bash at the Brew XII for the CCW Women’s Championship, kept her record in CCW unblemished, facing the No. 4 wrestler in the division, Ruthie Jay. Ruthie put in a valiant effort and came very close to the pinfall with a satellite DDT. But moments later, King was able to regain control and hit Kingdom Falls to score the pinfall.

King and Tucker will square off at Unbranded Brewing Co. Jan. 8 in Hialeah, Fla. Will the CCW women’s division become part of KiLynn’s Kingdom? Or will the Detroit Barbie retain what has been a stranglehold on the CCW Women’s Championship? Get your tickets now to make sure you see this one!

Cha Cha Asks Where Santos Has Been

Cha Cha Charlie had a question for CCW World Heavyweight Champion El Jefe Santos at Bash at the Brew recently.

“Where was he? Bash at the Brew 4? Bash at the Brew 3? He was nowhere, but he’s finally here …” said Charlie, who was then joined in the ring by Santos. “I want something you have. It looks very good on you, but it would look way better on me.”

Charlie doubled down in a video he submitted to CCW Alive.

“You see, Santos while you’ve been away on your Brock Lesnar schedule, I’ve been the face of CCW,” Charlie stated. “I’ve been putting in the work, day in and day out. Your time is up. My time is now. It’s Cha Cha time!”

Don’t miss this epic clash at Bash at the Brew XI, Dec. 4 at Unbranded Brewing Company. Tickets are going fast.

Gangrel def. Johnny Knockout; Lakay Makes the Save In this week’s main event, the legendary Gangrel returned to a CCW ring for the first time since 2016 to face the ever-dangerous, ever-unpredictable Johnny Knockout, who has called out the Vampire Warrior. And Gangrel is never one to back down from a challenge.

Knockout had the early advantage, hitting numerous high-impact maneuvers on Gangrel. In a bit of irony, he even spent time biting the man who is billed as the Vampire Warrior. But Gangrel is a ring-savvy veteran. He got his shots in as well.

Later in the match, Knockout seemingly had regained control. He hit a flying neckbreaker, scoring a near fall and everything seemed to be going his way. But he made a mistake and the legend made him pay. Knockout let him slip out of a fireman’s carry and Gangrel set up for the Impaler, his famous finishing maneuver. Knockout had it well-scouted and rammed Gangrel into the corner. But then the big mistake came.

Knockout missed on a clothesline in the corner, was stunned when he ran hard into the turnbuckle and Gangrel rolled him up in a textbook small package to take the victory.

Knockout was incensed. He couldn’t believe it, attacking Gangrel after the match with punches and a vicious spinebuster. But the attack didn’t last long. One of Gangrel’s proteges the Haitian Sensation Lakay wasn’t about to let that continue. Lakay hit the ring in a hurry and Knockout wanted no part of the huge Haitian, high-tailing it out of the ring.

Lakay and Knockout will face off on a future episode of CCW Alive Wrestling, you can count on that!

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· Dec. 3 – Breaking Chains – The Impact Wrestling World Champion Moose returns to CCW in Port St. Lucie in a special fundraiser for the St. Lucie West Centennial High School wrestling program.

· Dec. 4 – Bash at the Brew XI – Cha Cha Charlie vs. El Jefe Santos for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship. AEW star Brian Cage returns to CCW as well. Don’t miss this one!

· Dec. 11 – Industrial Evolution – We’re back in Nashville, where AEW star QT Marshall, NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille, NWA star Thomas Lattimer, CCW International Champion Chase Stevens and many more will headline a star-studded card at Helios Granite.

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Dec. 18 – Breakout 8 – See all the rising stars at the CCW Arena in Pompano Beach, Fla.

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