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Alive 63: Santos Successfully Defends Title, Saves Cha Cha From Beatdown; Jaynes Wins

Two huge matchups on CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 63, which premiered Tuesday evening. In an important women’s division matchup, the No. 3- and No. 4-ranked wrestlers in Coastal Championship Wrestling squared off in Bianca Carelli and Christi Jaynes. Finally, a triple threat match for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship was contested, as El Jefe Santos defended his title against Agony and Jake “The Mother Lover” Tucker.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 63 and read our recap below!

Agony to Face Moose for Impact World Championship Friday in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

This weeks’ show opened with Agony and Dr. Eric Christopher in the ring from Bash at the Brew X and Christopher discussing Moose vs. Agony for the Impact World Championship, which is scheduled for this Friday (Dec. 3) in Port St. Lucie.

“In this moment, I want you to take out your cell phone, open the app to whatever airline you use and book your flight to Impact Wrestling headquarters,” Christopher said in a message to Moose. “Because after Dec. 3, you’re going to have to be face to face with Scott D’Amore and explain to him why there is a new Impact Wrestling World Champion and his name is Agony.”

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Christi Jaynes def. Bianca Carelli

The Brazilian Superwoman Christi Jaynes has an upcoming date with NWA Women’s World Champion Kamille on Dec. 11 in Nashville. But on this week’s episode of Alive Wrestling, she needed to get by Bianca Carelli to carry that momentum into the Music City.

Jaynes did just that, scoring the pinfall with an awkward, but effective rollup after an exciting 10 minutes of action.

Jaynes scored a series of near falls in the early going, before Carelli was able to roll through after a cross body off the middle rope and it seemed to give her an opening. A second generation wrestling star, Carelli is the daughter of former WWE star Santino Marella. Carelli pushed the envelope of the rules in this matchup, choking Jaynes in the ropes.

Carelli drug Jaynes to the outside and slammed her head into the ring apron. Jaynes regained control on the outside and hammered home shoulders into the midsection of Carelli, who was up against the ring apron. Back and forth it went on the outside as Carelli reversed an Irish whip and sent Jaynes into the steel guardrails at ringside.

Back in the ring, Carelli tried to take control. After surviving a pair of near falls, Carelli caught Jaynes playing to the crowd on the middle turnbuckle and scored with a huge belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Another belly-to-back from a standing position resulted in a near fall. Carelli seemed firmly in control, but Jaynes ducked a clothesline, took Carelli over and eventually folded her in half and picked up the victory as Carelli was unable to kick out.

El Jefe Santos def. Jake Tucker and Agony - Triple Threat - CCW World Heavyweight Championsip Match

El Jefe Santos put the CCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line vs. Jake “The Mother Lover” Tucker and Agony. Santos was able to tally his 12th title defense since October 2020, the most successful defenses of the CCW Championship in company history, taking the pinfall over Tucker.

Tucker sprayed his aerosol cologne into the eyes of Agony, taking the moster’s vision away early in the match. With that working to their advantage, Tucker and Santos worked over Agony hitting a massive double flapjack, sending Agony out of the ring. But that’s where Agony is most comfortable. The maker of nightmares quickly laid out both Tucker and Santos, running the champion into the steel ring stairs.

Agony was about to destroy Tucker with the steel stairs over his head, but a kick to the groin from Tucker saved him from certain injury. Moments later, Santos and Tucker used the two halves of the aforementioned steel ring stairs to sandwich Agony and effectively take him out for a while.

Santos and Tucker went back and forth, each nearly wining the match while Agony was buried under a pile of steel ring steps and chairs built by the other two combatants. But once Agony got back in the match, Tucker gained an advantage and looked as though he might score the upset. With Santos outside the ring, Tucker nailed Agony with a Famouser for a near fall. As Tucker was about to follow up, out came Cha Cha Charlie to have words with Tucker.

Recently, Tucker and ERA attacked Charlie and he was looking for retribution. Well, he got it in a way. Tucker went from in control of the match to distracted and then eating an acid drop gutbuster from Santos, who took advantage of the distraction created by Charlie and pinned Tucker.

ERA, Tucker Attack Cha Cha As Santos Makes the Save; Charlie vs. El Jefe Saturday

Following the match, Tucker’s buddy ERA attacked Cha Cha Charlie and Tucker then joined in. With Charlie taking a beating, Santos seemed not to care. He headed toward the back, as his opponent for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship this Saturday at Bash at the Brew XI was being softened up.

But Santos quickly reversed course, stormed back into the ring and cleaned house. Finally, Charlie and Santos came face to face. But they seemed to decide to save it for Bash at the Brew. Don’t miss this epic clash at Bash at the Brew XI, Dec. 4 at Unbranded Brewing Company.

Don’t miss this epic clash at Bash at the Brew XI, Dec. 4 at Unbranded Brewing Company. Tickets are going fast.

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Upcoming Events

· Dec. 3 – Breaking Chains – The Impact Wrestling World Champion Moose returns to CCW in Port St. Lucie in a special fundraiser for the St. Lucie West Centennial High School wrestling program.

· Dec. 4 – Bash at the Brew XI – Cha Cha Charlie vs. El Jefe Santos for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship. AEW star Brian Cage returns to CCW as well. Don’t miss this one!

· Dec. 11 – Industrial Evolution – We’re back in Nashville, where AEW star QT Marshall, NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille, NWA star Thomas Lattimer, CCW International Champion Chase Stevens and many more will headline a star-studded card at Helios Granite.

· Dec. 12 – Naughty or Nice – CCW returns to the Kelsey Theater in Lake Park, Fla.

Dec. 18 – Breakout 8 – See all the rising stars at the CCW Arena in Pompano Beach, Fla.

Click the link for information on all of CCW’s upcoming shows.


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