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Alive 64: Kamille Tops Jaynes; Levy Wins Bloody Santiago Streetfight

This week on CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 64, we head to Nashville for the continuation of the blood feud between Chilean stars Ariel Levy and Pedro Pablo. We also see the triumphant return of NWA Women’s World Champion Kamille to CCW, as she successfully defended “The Burke” against The Brazilian Superwoman Christi Jaynes.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 64 and read our recap below!

Ariel Levy def. Pedro Pablo - Santiago Street Fight

Back in October, Ariel Levy and Pedro Pablo continued their feud at Helios Grante in Nashville, with Levy taking a disqualification victory over his arch-nemesis and countryman. Pablo left Levy laying after attacking him with an international object and this Santiago Street Fight was immediately booked by CCW officials.

Levy and Pablo left it all in the ring, including plenty of their own blood and sweat, with Levy eventually coming out victorious. The action was wild and crazy at Helios Granite, as early on in the match Levy blasted Pablo with a Christmas tree dressed as Santa Claus. You can’t make this stuff up. That actually happened.

Pablo regained control with a suplex on the unforgiving ramp leading to the ring. He later busted Levy open when Levy launched himself from the ramp over the ropes and into the ring looking for a high-impact maneuver on Pablo. But Pablo had a computer monitor and blasted Levy in the face with it.

Pablo continued the assault, throwing a ladder on top of Levy and stomping it onto his face. It looked like this one could be over when Pablo hit a moonsault off the top rope onto the ladder that was laying across Levy’s prone body. But the impact kept Pablo from being able to immediately capitalize. Pablo eventually crawled over and covered his opponent, but Levy kicked out at the last possible moment.

When that didn’t produce the finish for Pablo, a hulking associate of his attacked Levy. But the 2-on-1 didn’t last long. Levy’s tag team partner Vinicous, the other half of the CCW World Tag Team Champions, quickly evened the score. Vinicious took out Pablo’s help, but later took a kick to the groin and we were back to 1-on-1 action.

The ladder that was brought into the match, eventually came back to bite Pablo, almost literally. A Codebreaker gave Levy the advantage. As Pablo laid against the turnbuckle, Levy trapped him in the corner with the ladder. Levy climbed to the top turnbuckle nearly 20 feet away and scored with a coast-to-coast dropkick on the ladder, which sickeningly slammed into Pablo’s face. It was academic from there. Levy drug Pablo and the ladder into the center of the ring and scored the pinfall.

Kamille def. Christi Jaynes - NWA World Women's Championship Match

For the second straight month, Kamille returned to Helios Granite in Nashville to defend the NWA World Women’s Championship against one of the stars of CCW. The Brazilian Wonerwoman Christi Jaynes received the title shot this time, but the Brickhouse was too much.

With a title opportunity like this, Jaynes didn’t waste any time looking for the upset. Early in the match, she scored with an Oklahoma roll, a backslide and a schoolboy rollup. But each time Kamille kicked out before the count even reached two.

Kamille quickly gained the upper hand, devastating Jaynes with a huge spinebuster and a powerbomb. The match went back-and-forth as Jaynes proved to be a game challenger to Kamille and the NWA Women’s World Champoinship.

Jaynes hit massive knee to the face on Kamille and followed up with a meteora for a near fall, but the champion still had some gas left in the tank and kicked out. Jaynes followed up looking for the submission with a crossface.

But the Brickhouse didn’t get her nickname for nothing. Kamille rose up out of the crossface with Jaynes on her shoulders and hit her patented finishing combination. The rolling fireman’s carry slam was followed up with the signature spear and Kamille had her hand raised in victory.

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