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Alive 67: Moose Tops Agony; Santos Attacks Cha Cha After Successful Tag Team Match

A trio of current and former champions headline this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling. Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Moose returns to CCW to defend his title against The Maker of Nightmares Agony. Meanwhile, former CCW World Heavyweight Champion El Jefe Santos teams with current champ Cha ChaMoose Charlie, although this match was held one night prior to the title change.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 67 and read our recap below!

Moose def. Agony - Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Match

It’s a big one to open the show as Moose returns for his second appearance in Coastal Championship Wrestling and he faces the ever-dangerous, ever-scary Agony with the ever-present Dr. Eric Christopher in his corner.

Moose is generally used to having the size and power advantage in virtually any matchup. That wasn’t the case against Agony. The Maker of Nightmares and the Impact World Champion went toe to toe for much of this matchup. The power of both men was evident as they traded blows, double clotheslines and shoulder tackles.

Predictably, the aforementioned ever-present Dr. Eric Christopher got involved to aid his man. But in the end it may have cost Agony a world title. Christopher grabbed Moose from the outside to distract him long enough for Agony to get a few shots in, but it didn’t end up affecting the outcome.

However, when referee Amy Veronica was accidentally impacted by an Agony shoulder tackle, “The Good Doctor” saw an opening. Christopher slid the Impact title into the ring where Agony blasted Moose with it, but the champ kicked out as a groggy Veronica was slow to count the pin attempt. Moments later, Christopher went to hit Moose with the belt once again, but the big man ducked and the impact came squarely on the skull of Agony.

Moose tossed Christopher out of the ring and took advantage. He scored with his signature spear. Veronica recovered just enough to make the three-count and declare Moose the winner of the match. Moose retained the Impact World Championship and it was announced following this match that Moose would be returning to CCW in the not-too-distant future.

Santos & Cha Cha Win Tag Match; Santos Attacks His Challenger

Weeks ago, ERA and Jake “The Mother Lover” Tucker attacked Cha Cha Charlie before El Jefe Santos made the save after a little hesitation. A tag match was booked for Santos and Charlie to face ERA and Tucker. All this came the night before the massive Bash at the Brew XI main event where Charlie would eventually take the CCW title from Santos, so the understandable question was how Santos and Cha Cha would work as a unit.

With Tucker out due to an injury, Vandal Ortagun stepped up to team with ERA. Charlie was certainly just happy to have an opportunity to get his hands on ERA, while Santos seemed to be a willing partner.

However, early on, it was ERA and Ortagun who had the upper hand. They took advantage of solid tag team strategy against Cha Cha and Santos, who largely compete in singles matches. ERA and Ortagun held the advantage on both Charlie and Santos for lengthy periods of time in the early going.

Cha Cha and Santos each had their moments of offense, but couldn’t sustain it. There was no tag team strategy with the two rivals.

Finally, Santos was trying to get into the ring while Cha Cha and Ortagun were legal. Charlie shoved Ortagun into Santos, which gave Cha Cha an opening. He nailed Ortagun with a backstabber, then went on top and finished the match with his signature Mangu Splash.

Following the match, there was some tension in the ring as Charlie celebrated the victory. Finally, Santos raised his partner’s hand in victory and it looked as though sportsmanship would reign supreme heading into the big CCW Championship match the next night. But that was short-lived. Santos attacked and nailed Charlie with his pop-up gutbuster before putting the boots to Cha Cha. Santos was surely looking to soften his opponent up a bit for the next night at Bash at the Brew.

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