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Alive 70: All Hail the Mother Effin' King

It’s an instant CCW classic on this week’s episode of CCW Alive! One of the best matches in Coastal Championship Wrestling history, as KiLynn King challenges Marina Tucker for the CCW Women’s Championship.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 70 and read our recap below!

KiLynn King def. Marina Tucker - CCW Women's Championship

All hail the Mother Effin’ King!

KiLynn King and Marina Tucker absolutely tore the house down at Unbranded Brewing Company during Bash at the Brew earlier this month and King dethroned Tucker as CCW Women’s Champion.

This one got personal from the beginning. King went to shake Tucker’s hand before the match and Tucker slapped her hand away. Minutes into the match, Tucker continued the disrespect with a pie-face in the corner. But King wasn’t gonna take it, tossing her into the corner and delivering a nasty knife-edge chop.

The matchup went back-and-forth throughout the contest. Neither competitor could gain an advantage, although Tucker used as many tricks as she could hide up her sleeve, constantly pushing the envelope of the rulebook. Tucker scored numerous times throughout the contest with knee strikes and high-impact maneuvers.

Midway through the match, the action went onto the ring apron. King hit a huge side slam, driving Tucker’s back into the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring. But with the move taking place outside the ropes, King had no way to secure the pinfall.

Back inside the ring, Tucker looked to take over. She landed a senton off the second rope for a near fall. Tucker believed the high-impact attack had been enough and even castigated referee Amy Veronica for a slow count. When her backslide attempt was thwarted by King, Tucker turned it into a variation of Snake Eyes and got a near fall.

Even the sequence that ended the match was back-and-forth. Tucker scored with a number of upper cuts and forearm strikes. As the champ went for a full nelson, King rattled her wit

h a pair of stiff elbows to the side of the head. King missed with a roundhouse kick, but scored coming back the other way to stagger Tucker. King followed up with a pumphandle maneuver that turned into what was an inverted bodyslam, with Tucker landing face first on the mat. At nearly 20 minutes into the match, it was just too much for Tucker to kick out and King scored the pinfall to take the title.

Tucker and King Weren't Finished Inside the Ring - Rematch Booked

As King made her way to the dressing room, receiving congratulations from numerous members of the CCW locker room, Tucker ambushed her from behind and drove her face first into the wall. King later returned the favor before numerous CCW officials and wrestlers jumped in to pull them apart and keep them from tearing down the Unbranded Brewing Company.

As CCW Alive Episode 70 came to a close, Tucker was screaming for them to let King go so she could get her hands on the new champ. Meanwhile, King simply stared at Tucker and smiled.

The rematch was booked quickly. CCW officials have already announced Tucker will get a shot at King and the CCW Women’s Championship she has held for the better part of the last two years on Feb. 12 in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Get tickets for this huge event by clicking here!

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Upcoming Events

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· Feb. 4 - Friday Night Fights - Exit One Taproom - Florida City, Fla. - The Sandman returns to CCW!

· Feb. 5 - Bash at the Brew 13 - Unbranded Brewing Co. - Hialeah, Fla. - The Sandman will appear. CCW Champion Cha Cha Charlie, Women's Champion KiLynn King, Tag Team Champions The South American Alliance and many others are all set to be in action.

· Feb. 12 - Secret Treasure - Mid Florida Credit Union Events Center - Port St. Lucie, Fla. - The rematch between King and Tucker is booked for this show! Also, don't miss the legendary Gangrel vs. former MLW Champion Jacob Fatu!

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