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Alive 71: Brian Cage vs. Flip Gordon

It’s an instant CCW classic on this week’s episode of CCW Alive! One of the best matches in Coastal Championship Wrestling history, as KiLynn King challenges Marina Tucker for the CCW Women’s Championship.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 71 and read our recap below!

Brian Cage def. Flip Gordon

Cage came to the ring to with a tag team championship belt from an Australian promotion that he and Gordon won as the Flippin’ Machines. But Gordon, who can’t seem to remember things of late, was confused by this gesture from Cage. Gordon wanted to write down the information he was getting from Cage in his flip pad, but couldn’t find it.

As he was looking for his flip pad, Cage went for a quick rollup from behind but couldn’t secure the pinfall and the match was under way.

Gordon frustrated the bigger Cage early on in the match. As Cage went for a clothesline, Gordon ducked it matrix style and kipped up. In fact, there were a series of four of these maneuvers before Cage gave up and Gordon was cheered by the crowd for his athleticism.

As would be expected, this was a classic matchup of the power of Cage vs. the quickness and agility of Gordon. Cage’s power was on such display, he got a near fall simply off an Irish whip into the turnbuckle that crumpled Gordon to the mat.

Gordon used his athleticism to his advantage as often as possible, scoring with high-impact maneuvers. But nearly every time, Cage was able to quickly turn the tide and do damage with his power. Gordon’s best chance at victory came when he nailed Cage with a swanton bomb, but couldn’t quite keep Cage’s huge shoulders on the mat for a three-count.

Gordon was also close when he was able to reverse a powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana. But that was the last offense Flip would muster. Moments later, Cage hit a powerbomb, buckle bomb, spinning sitout powerbomb combination to secure the victory.

While Gordon may not remember partnering with Cage in Australia, Cage does and still respects Flip. He took the mic at Unbranded Brewing Company and offered praise for Gordon, saying “How good is Flip Gordon?”

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