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Alive 73: Vinicious Defeats Beastman In Brutal No DQ Contest

Back at Bash at the Brew 8, Lew Spectre’s humongous Beastman Husk attacked the Brazilian Destroyer Vinicious during a South American Alliance tag team match. It took a few months, but CCW officials finally got Vinicious and Beastman Husk back in the ring together at Bash at the Brew XI. After the way the initial interaction between the two went down, the Bash at the Brew XI match was contested as a non-disqualification match.

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Vinicious def. Beastman Husk - No DQ Match

These two massive individuals do not like each other, that much was clear from this matchup. It was almost as if it was a battle to determine the dominant big man in the company.

There was very little technical wrestling in this one. The action spilled to the outside of the ring quickly, where the two men beat on one another.

The guardrail surrounding the ring became an integral part of the strategy for Beastman. He not only slammed the head and body of Vinicious into the guard rails, at one point he even picked up a section of guard rail and tried to modify the Brazilian Destroyer’s face with it.

Vinicious finally regained a bit of control on the outside of the ring, scoring with a big splash against the apron of the ring, weakening Husk’s back. But the advantage was short-lived, as Beastman recovered to whip Vinicious into the steel ring steps.

Shortly after that maneuver, Beastman actually took to the top rope and hit a flying crossbody block. It might have been enough to secure the pinfall, but he was unable to follow up with a cover. As Beastman used that massive bone that he brings to the ring to choke and maim Vinicious, the Brazilian Destroyer’s manager Bill Alfonso had seen enough. Fonzie brought a chair into the ring and threw it square at Beastman’s head. It bounced off, having little discernible effect.

But it distracted Husk long enough to allow Vinicious to grab the chair and do more damage to the back of Beastman. And it was all legal in a no-disqualification matchup.

As both of the big men tried to wear down the other, the respective managers both decided to up the ante. Fonzie and Spectre each introduced massive wooden doors into the match. Eventually, one of these doors played into the outcome of the match, as did the condition of Beastman’s back.

Husk went to the top rope, as he surprisingly did a few times during this match, looking for a Vader Bomb. But Vinicious recovered and was able to hit the huge man with a powerbomb, further weakening the back. Shortly thereafter, the doors in the ring came into play. Somehow, Beastman found enough strength and energy to nail Vinicious with a cannonball one of the doors. Even more surprisingly, the Brazilian Destroyer was able to kick out of the cover.

As Beastman went to the top rope yet again, Vinicious seemed to get a jolt of energy. Perhaps it was desperation, but he rose to his feet and some how managed to lift the humongous Husk off the top rope, hold him over his shoulder and hit a running powerslam through the other door. It was too much for the back of Beastman and Vinicious had his hand raised in victory.

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Coastal Championship Wrestling is on tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to see your favorite CCW stars live and in person.

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