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Alive 74: Martinez Takes Cruiserweight Crown; Cha Cha defeats Fernandez; Agony Attacks

We’ve got a couple big title matches on this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling. Chris Farrow defends the CCW Cruiserweight Championship against Alan “S2S” Martinez. And CCW World Heavyweight Champion Cha Cha Charlie defends vs. OT Fernandez. Both matches also featured shocking post-match attacks, showing just how much titles truly mean in Coastal Championship Wrestling.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 74 and read our recap below!

Alan Martinez def. Chris Farrow - CCW Cruiserweight Championship - New Champion!

Chris Farrow was the first-ever CCW Cruiserweight Champion and prior to Bash at the Brew 12, he had held the belt for nearly a year. For the past few months, Alan “S2S” Martinez has been hot on the tail of Farrow and has had numerous close calls as he looked to win CCW gold.

At Bash at the Brew 12, after Farrow and Martinez tore the house down, the challenger was finally able to wrest the strap off the shoulder of Farrow.

The athleticism in this one was off the charts early. The Unbranded Brewing Company crowd in Hialeah, Fla. was into the match from the beginning. There were “CCW! CCW!” and “Holy Shit! Holy shit!” chants from the beginning.

Both men scored with an array of high-impact maneuvers and the match saw numerous near falls. Farrow hit with a huge dive to the outside and a nasty Canadian Destroyer, neither of which were able to put Martinez away.

Meanwhile, Martinez delivered a humongous Spanish Fly off the top turnbuckle and a meteora off the top as well and neither could keep Farrow’s shoulders on the mat for a three-count. Finally, Martinez countered another of Farrow’s potential high-impact maneuvers to get the victory and take the title. Farrow went for a moonsault off the second rope, but Martinez had it scouted. S2S countered with a dropkick to Farrow’s midsection and followed up with a vicious Go To Sleep to earn the victory.

While Martinez has been chasing the Farrow and the Cruiserweight title for months, Farrow seemed to give S2S his respect following the match, shaking his hand but stating that “somewhere down the line” he “will be a two-time CCW Cruiserweight Champion.”

It seemed as though Martinez, who has had a more aggressive side to him of late, accepted the display of sportsmanship. He even looked to be reciprocating has he shook Farrow’s hand and raised his hand to the crowd. But the sportsmanship soon went out the window. As the crowd acknowledged Farrow and his title reign, applauding his effort in the match, Martinez came up from behind and hit Farrow with a low blow.

While it may have been a rivalry before, it’s looking like this is now a full-blown feud.

Cha Cha Charlie def. OT Fernandez – CCW World Heavyweight Championship

Coming out of a commercial break, we joined this match in progress. Cha Cha Charlie hit a dive to the outside much to the delight of the Unbranded Brewing Company/Bash at the Brew crowd, which was solidly behind the wildly popular champion.

Back inside the ring, Fernandez went for the ultimate insult. In Cha Cha’s house, he tried to take the title with a frog splash off the top turnbuckle. But when Fernandez went for another one, this time with Cha Cha’s near-sacred hat on, Charlie recovered enough to take him off the top with a superplex.

With Fernandez now in the drop zone, Lew Spectre, who seconded Fernandez to the ring, inserted himself into the match. As it looked like Charlie would go for his signature Mangu Splash, Spectre distracted Cha Cha in an effort to give his man time to recover. But the superplex had taken too much out of Fernandez and Charlie made quick work of Spectre.

After taking the Resident Scumbag out of the equation, Cha Cha grabbed his hat and did, in fact, hit the Mangu Splash to secure the victory.

Agony Attacks

With the CCW World Heavyweight Champion in the ring celebrating his victory, Dr. Eric Christopher suddenly appeared near the curtain. Christopher seemed to be taunting Cha Cha, waving at him while holding a steel chair.

As Charlie invited Christopher into the ring, Agony came from somewhere in the crowd and blindsided the champion. Numerous CCW referees hit the ring, but it did nothing to deter The Maker of Nightmares and Dr. Eric Christopher. Agony came off the turnbuckle to land a massive leg drop on Charlie, who had just won a grueling championship title defense.

Finally, at the direction of Christopher, Agony left the champion laying in the ring with a piledriver on the steel chair. The Agony-Cha Cha Charlie saga continues …

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