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Alive 76: ERA Earns Title Shot; King Victorious and Furious With Former Champ Tucker

Plenty of gold involved in this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling. First up, a Go For The Gold Battle Royal, with the winner guaranteed a CCW title shot – and it was controversial to say the least. In our featured bout, CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King defends her gold against Jamie Senegal.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 76 and read our recap below!

ERA Wins Go For the Gold Battle Royal

We open this week’s show with Resident Scumbag Lew Spectre taking a bite out of Bull Anderson’s forehead as the Go For the Gold Battle Royal is in progress. We can assure you Bull has had all the appropriate inoculations following that encounter.

Unfortunately, Bull didn’t advance to the final four of this unique 10-man battle royal. Neither did Lew’s entrant Xander Frost. The four remaining men in the ring were Ozzy Kilmeister, The Wrangler Nick Turner, ERA and The Florida Man T.C. Read.

In this unique battle royal, pinfalls, submissions were suitable eliminations as well as an entrant going over the top rope and to the floor. A bit of an alliance was formed between Kilmeister and ERA, while Turner and Read were more than willing to work together, as well.

When The Wrangler surprised Kilmeister with a rollup (and a handful of tights) for a pinfall elimination, Kilmeister was livid. So livid that he remained in the ring and took Turner out by tossing him over the top rope. That left Read and ERA as the final two to battle for the guaranteed title shot.

Read looked as though he tossed ERA out of the ring, but ERA was able to hold on to the top rope and avoid being eliminated. When he pulled himself up to flip back into the ring, Read grabbed his legs and pushed him to the floor, seemingly earning the victory.

Unfortunately for Read, referee Adrian Paz was busy tending to Turner and Kilmeister, who were still battling on the floor and didn’t see this exchange. ERA realized he hadn’t officially been eliminated, quickly returned to the ring and tossed Read to the floor as he was celebrating what he thought was his victory. When Paz finally returned to the ring, ERA was alone in the ring and Read was lying on the floor.

ERA was declared the winner and – legitimately or not – now has the opportunity to challenge for any title of his choosing in Coastal Championship Wrestling. Stay tuned for more on the decision from “Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Wrestler.”

KiLynn King def. Jamie Senegal – CCW Women’s Championship A great matchup between the returning Jamie Senegal and CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King was somewhat overshadowed by what happened after the match. More on that in a moment. First, let’s recap the action that took place from bell to bell.

Senegal was extremely aggressive in the early going. At one point, she had King outside the ring and draped over the steel stairs leading to the ring apron. Senegal landed a nasty kick to King’s back, smashing her torso into the unforgiving steel. Senegal rolled the champion back into the ring and must have thought the damage was enough and went for a nonchalant cover. King easily kicked out.

Moments later, King took control. A vicious chop, a number of forearm blows and a kick to the midsection led to a twisting suplex that resulted in a near fall. Senegal thought she had regained some momentum moments later, trying to scale the top turnbuckle. But King cut her off, pounded on her and left her draped over the top turnbuckle. A knee strike knocked the challenger to the floor.

King wasted no time. She went to the outside, tossed Senegal back into the ring and scored another nearfall. King went for a belly-to-back suplex that was reversed into a rollup and a two-count from Senegal. The challenger then nailed King with a spinning back heel kick that once again elicited a two-count. But that was the last offense Senegal would land.

King ducked a kick, landed a nasty one to Senegal’s face and then scored the pinfall following an inverted bodyslam from a pumphandle position to retain the title.

As King celebrated her hard-fought victory, former champion Marina Tucker made her way to the ring. King turned around and found herself in a staredown with the Detroit Barbie. King had a few choice words for Tucker, then raised her belt high in the air. Tucker seemed content to just stare down The King. But then out of nowhere slapped the champ right in the mouth.

A livid King went after Tucker, but Marina high-tailed it out of the ring. Numerous CCW referees and security were called in to keep King and Tucker apart. This rivalry and the feud over the CCW Women’s Championship are clearly not over.

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Coastal Championship Wrestling is on tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to see your favorite CCW stars live and in person.

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