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Alive 78: Tucker Victorious; Martinez Escapes Challenge from "Prince of Rome" D3

The red-hot Coastal Championship Wrestling women’s division and a CCW Cruiserweight Championship match were featured on this week’s CCW Alive. Former CCW Women’s Champion Marina Tucker, still embroiled in a feud with current champ KiLynn King, faced off with Shalonce Royal, while Alan “S2S” Martinez put his CCW Cruiserweight Championship on the line vs. The Prince of Rome D3.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 78 and read our recap below!

Marina Tucker def. Shalonce Royal

Marina Tucker took just a little time off from chasing and tormenting CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King and faced off with Shalonce Royal to open our episode this week. Royal and Tucker have both been featured on AEW Dark in recent months.

Royal had the upper hand early on in the match. The “Fighting Siren” – known for her vocal abilities in and out of the ring – had Tucker singing the blues in the opening minutes of the match. Royal scored with an array of arm drags and a nasty kick to the side of Tucker’s head.

But Tucker, a two-time CCW Women’s Champion, couldn’t be held off for long. A veteran move from Tucker seemed to turn the tide. Royal went for a baseball slide kick with Tucker outside the ring. But “The Detroit Barbie” saw it coming, held out the ring apron and trapped Royal with it. From there, she brutalized Royal while she was caught up in the CCW ring apron.

Even after Royal escaped from the ring apron, Tucker rammed her into the steel ring steps to continue the assault outside the ring.

Back in the ring, Royal regained a little momentum, hitting a handspring back elbow and a basement dropkick to Tucker’s face. But Royal made one mistake and Tucker made her pay.

Royal went for a kick to the midsection, which Tucker blocked and caught her leg. After whipping her leg and forcing Royal to go face first into the mat, Tucker landed a heavy knee strike under the chin to take the pin and the victory.

Tucker is scheduled to be in action this Friday in Ocala as part of Overdrive, where she will face off with Labrava for the OCW Women’s Championship. The big one for Tucker, as it pertains to CCW, will be April 8 at Bash at the Brew, where she is slated to meet King once again with the championship on the line. But this time it will be in a steel cage!

Don’t miss that one. Tickets are available by clicking here!

Alan "S2S" Martinez def. "Prince of Rome" D3 – CCW Cruiserweight Championship Before the bell, Alan “S2S” Martinez hugged his belt and nearly refused to turn it over to the referee. It may have been a bit of foreshadowing that Martinez knew he was in for a battle and would have to fight and claw to keep his title.

If Martinez truly thought he was in for a battle, he would be proven right. D3 controlled most of the action in this one. The “Prince of Rome” was locked in and looking for an “And New …” moment.

Martinez may have created even more fire and spirit out of D3 early in the match with a disrespectful spit in the Italian’s face. D3 put plenty of offense on display in this one. He scored with missile dropkicks, moonsaults, split-legged moonsaults and plenty of other high-impact maneuvers. But each time, Martinez was able to respond and manage a late kickout.

The only advantage Martinez seemed to have was when he brawled with D3 outside the ring. Once he finally brought the action back in the ring, Martinez nailed D3 in the back with a one-foot, springboard stomp to the lower back of “The Prince of Rome.” But D3 wasn’t down for long. A slingblade, followed by a cutter nearly secured the pinfall and the title, but once again Martinez was able to escape the loss.

D3 also showed some resiliency, as he fought off the pinfall after a nasty reverse rana from Martinez. The Prince of Rome was never closer to tasting CCW gold than after hitting a satellite DDT that set up his patented handstand elbow drop off the top turnbuckle. Martinez had just enough wits about him to roll out of the ring and prevent the cover.

Back in the ring, both champion and challenger tallied near falls and reversals with a series of rollups, before Martinez took a shortcut and it paid off. Both men had two roll-up pinning combinations during the exchange, but Martinez grabbed a handful of D3’s tights on his second attempt at a pinfall. With the referee shielded from the rules infrtaction, the extra leverage proved just enough for “S2S” to score the pin.

The champion, knowing he had barely survived this match, quickly scurried to the outside, collected his championship belt and headed to the back still in possession of the CCW Cruiserweight Title.

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Coastal Championship Wrestling is on tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to see your favorite CCW stars live and in person.

· March 18 – Meldon Law Presents Overdrive – Marion Boys & Girls Club – Ocala, Fla.

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